World War Z Official Movie Trailer 2

Brad Pitt stars in WORLD WAR Z.
In theaters June 21st, 2013.

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23 responses to World War Z Official Movie Trailer 2

  1. I Hope The Extinction Parade Comic Into Movie Or TV Series Max Brooks Is The Best I Hope Max Brooks Make Comic or Novel About Zombies…

  2. I am waiting for part 2 and it is almost 7 years old that the first one came out and the second one does not come out I am waiting for it and it never comes😓😓 to see part 2

  3. Go dude listen with you've try first you've engage with you've the bio-X☣… Have to have… And have yours brave…. Don't deep web 🕸… . "NAMESIS" ALWAYS BE WRONG WAY…

  4. Best zombie movie of all time. Fast pace, creepy and scary! The unrated version was gory and extra scenes that we taken out from the theatrical version were also exciting to see. I'm looking forward to part 2.

  5. this was actually a really good movie, despite what people are saying. I usually don't like zombie movies, but this had a good plot.


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