Working Cardboard New iPhone SE – Stop Motion iPhone 2020

This is stop motion video about new iPhone 9 or SE 2 or iPhone 2020.
Stop motion video is when every frame in the video is a photo! In this video, 24 photos every second! This video took 3500 photos and 4 days of work.
I hope you enjoy my new iPhone animation!

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AND NEW Working Apple Watch from cardboard *soon*

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44 responses to Working Cardboard New iPhone SE – Stop Motion iPhone 2020

  1. brohacker : Oh not copyright is a perfect name for a song I like it and also this is just a joke here's is the clip 1:58

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  3. All you did was take photos of the phone FRAME BY FRAME just to put this out there. and 3500+ photos! Goddamn you gotta be on crack or energy drinks but still good job
    Edit : lmao why u have a contact called sugar daddy? Damn.


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