Windows 10 Four Big Lies Pt 3/3: Lenovo uses Downgrade Rights to sell Win7 instead

Wash rinse repeat of the use of downgrade rights, this time by Lenovo. The link I posted in (search on Lenovo) is no longer going to show the same results, as all the Windows 10 machines using downgrade rights to sell Windows 7, no longer show. That much you’ll see in the link if you use it, and also in this video.

Again, the 75 million ‘running’ Windows 10 is sufficiently vague that you don’t think about the OEM commitment MSFT is allowed to count legally as Win10, even though the OEMs don’t sell Win10, but instead Win7.

Else, not sure you’d want to watch this video, but it is due diligence disclosure of the marketing practice. I get accused a lot, and since the big issue is to show SOURCE not speaker (different S) to prove the SOURCE is saying this, not ‘brainout’, I have to make boring videos like this.

I also made one for HP, but it crashed somehow. So now you’ve seen both the Dell and Lenovo, do the same search for HP. You’ll find HP doesn’t sell Win10 at all, except for Home use. Further, it’s also pitching ‘up to Windows 8.1 Pro’ on its machines; when you pick a Win7 option you’ll see the ‘downgrade rights’ text like Dell’s and Lenovo’s, from 8.1.

HP also lists as selling Windows 7 with no mention of downgrade rights, so I’m not sure how they can do that. You’d have to go online and ask. It also sells Linux outright, not sure what flavors.

File Name: DowngradeRightsLenovo.avi, 9/4/15.


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2 responses to Windows 10 Four Big Lies Pt 3/3: Lenovo uses Downgrade Rights to sell Win7 instead

  1. Ok… This is an enterprise computer, most enterprises use windows 7 btw look in the customization option there should be an option to have windows 10 or 8

  2. Another one, you have severe problems… Look, downgrade rights have NOTHING to do with the OEM so I have no idea why you are looking here. They sell a new system with your choice of OS from that list. You get downgrade rights DIRECTLY from your purchase of a licensed version of Windows 10. In an attempt to correct your outrageous misunderstanding of what this actually means here is the explanation of Downgrade Rights. Understand that this applies to retail copies of the OS but NOT to VL copies (VL licensing means you can load and run ANY supported version of Windows that you want).Understanding downgrade rightsConsumer versions of Windows 10 Pro that come preinstalled on PCs have downgrade rights to a previous version of Windows (example: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista). If your copy came pre-installed on your system, you may downgrade your copy to Windows 8.If not you need to purchase a copy of Windows 8.1 and install the same on your computer.* Downgrade rights are only available for licenses obtained through OEM or Volume Licensing(VL) and not apply to Full version (FPP).* OEM downgrade rights apply to Windows 10 Pro and allows for downgrades up to two prior versions.*Software Assurance through VL provides the greatest flexibility, allowing for downgrades to all prior versions and editions besides Windows 7 Ultimate and Vista Ultimate editions. Without Software Assurance coverage, VL has downgrade rights to prior versions of Windows with the exception of Enterprise.*It is not possible for a Windows 10 copy with multi-language function to downgrade to Windows 8 Pro or Windows XP Pro as multi language function is exclusive to Widows 10 Enterprise and Pro edition.In no case does this 'feature' have anything to do with "extra" or unsold licenses. You will be operating with the hardware license associated with the Windows 10 edition that you downgraded.


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