Why Train to Busan is a Perfect Zombie Movie

Zombie movies these days don’t focus on their characters nearly as much as they should, but the Korean hit Train to Busan perfectly wove a simple story of a …

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44 responses to Why Train to Busan is a Perfect Zombie Movie

  1. So I had to reupload this about 23 times in order to appease the copyright system, BUT it sup and ready for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully it doesn't need to be edited any further, but if in the future a scene feels short or weird, its because I had to cut a scene because of further copyright issues. Ill be getting back to why you wouldn't survive and zombie sins content next week! Thanks y'all for your patience, stay wow!~

  2. This video so perfectly articulates everything I love about this movie, all the more reason I hope nobody ever attempts an American remake of Train to Busan. The socio-political commentary on Korean culture would be lost, and the film's subtext would become muddied by Western conventions.

    I know it's hard for some to accept, but certain stories simply DO NOT and cannot ever work as well outside their original cultural context, regardless of how well the story itself may translate. There are specific fundamental elements that no director, studio, or budget can ever properly emulate.

    Just because we can recreate something for new audiences doesn't always mean we should. Sometimes, the best way to show our love for something is by learning when to LEAVE- GOOD- THINGS- ALONE instead of diluting what made it special in a Hollywood imitation or bastardization.

  3. I FINALLY watched this movie; I loved it. It's probably one of the most realistic zombie movies I've ever watched. Your review is spot on. I cried SO much during this movie. u.u

  4. The perfect zombie isn't about how the characters interact with the imfected, it's how they interact because of the infected.

  5. This actually looks decent. I must say I'm a bit of a fan of Italian horror. So Lucio Fulci movies were zombie movies to me. Of cause there were a few more I liked 28 Days Later. Then they seemed to just churn out one zombie movie after another.
    Now I want to see this. Thank you for review.

  6. Damn… I forgot how really great this movie was. Just watching this video and remembering it had me in tears!

  7. Train to Busan makes me proud (For such a wonderfully considerate original) yet so sad because every time certain scenes play through whether or not I'm watching the movie- I can't help but bawl my eyes out.

  8. this is what we need, filmmakers who care about the story underneath the film and not just a dumb horror movie for the sake of scaring people. Love this movie.

  9. Love the video. Wwz was shit and it should have followed the book but when Brad pitts company makes a film, he gets to be the “hero.” Shit film

  10. I loved this analysis, you go really further to see what some of us can, and you are not creating situations, your reasons and theoris have some solid statements. Loved it.

  11. Absolute brilliant film 💓love the father and daughter I was sobbing at the end and that little girl So clever and what a actress 🥰Oh and loved the guy with the pregnant wife he did everything to protect her and boy did he kick ass 😎Best film l’ve seen in ages don’t normally watch films with subtitles but this kept me hooked from start to finish 👌Highly recommend ❤️

  12. If yall are saying why the sister is dumb (when she pulled out the door when her sis was a zombie) its called karma so she needed to give them what they deserved she didnt care if she was a zombie she wants to stay with the sister so dont think she was an idiot she did the right thing of “humanity”because the people in the other train was selfish some of their love ones became a zombie they didnt even want to open the door BRUH THOSE ARE HUMANS WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM

  13. This is the best movie ive ever seen 1000000000000000000000000000000000000/5 really sad in the endz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. So you’re “take” was talk a couple minutes on your opinion, then proceed to tell the ENTIRE story for extra minutes, then go back to a few minutes of review? Nah son, this ain’t it chief.

  15. I'ts not a bad movie but you're really overanalyzing a lot of stuff that doesn't add much to the story. You could do the same thing with any film.

  16. this was the first movie i ever watched more than once. ever since, there have only been like two or three other movies. i think ive seen it like three times already, and i cant wait to watch it again before peninsula comes out!


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