Why Magic the Gathering Pros Are Terrible at MTG Arena But Win All the Time in Paper Magic

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3 responses to Why Magic the Gathering Pros Are Terrible at MTG Arena But Win All the Time in Paper Magic

  1. If you want to make the argument Froehlich and others aren't doing as well on Arena as in paper and so they might be cheating. Ok. It's an interesting argument. But, I really don't read his tweets as anything other than a guy just frustrated at his current bad luck, which he even acknowledges in that tweet thread is something that just happens.

  2. To play devil's advocate, the biggest difference between Paper Magic and Magic Online is the player behind the game. Personally I play much better online than I do in person. And the main reason I believe this is the case is because differences in a player's ability to read a player. In paper magic you can clearly observe your opponent count their graveyard (or in the case of dredge where they put their graveyard) where as in magic arena, the most you can see is how long your opponent waits (although technically this can be a read).


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