Why Invest in Stocks? Buy LEAPS Options – It's Much Cheaper – learn Options Trading

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Why Invest in Stocks? Buy LEAPS Options – It’s Much Cheaper – learn Options Trading
What you will learn in this course ?
What you’ll learn52 lectures and over 5 hours of great contentLearn the fundamentals of options tradingDecipher the lingo of options tradersMaster the options chain and how to read itThoroughly understand what are LEAPS (Long Term Options)Use LEAPS as a super cheat substitute to outright stock investingUnderstand the LEAPS profile, rules and featuresPractice LEAPS investing with Facebook, Altria and IBMSpot the best LEAPS to buyUnderstand the wanders of Covered Call SellingCombine Covered Calls Selling with LEAPS to enhance profitabilityShow moreShow less
Hi There,Read My LEAPS!For more than 86% of the stock investors, LEAPS (Long Term Options) is a great mystery.After you take this course, you will be among those elite traders and investors who master the rare qualities of LEAPS option, and know exactly how to use them to boost their ROI.LEAPS is a main stream security, traded in huge volumes in all the leading options exchanges in the U.S, Europe, Australia, and Asia.all the big names and the blue chips in Wall Street have LEAPS on their stocks: Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Bank of America, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Boeing, you name it.And for a reason. Actually for a VERY good reason. LEAPS introduces an alternative investment avenue for the short-to-mid term investors. LEAPS follow exactly the behaviour of the underlying stock, The Dollar profit potential is almost identical. But, there is one BIG difference: LEAPS are much cheaper!In the case studies you will learn throughout the course, you will see for yourself how you can purchase Facebook LEAPS, IBM LEAPS, and Altria Group LEAPS for just around 1/3 of the stock price! Furthermore, you will learn how you can boost your profits even further by consistently selling short term covered calls, based on the LEAPS you already hold.after you finish this course you will feel like you have discovered a brave , new world that was unknown to you until recently – the amazing world of the LEAPS. You will be able to translate all the knowledge you acquire in the course to an immediate action plan. I’m here for any question you may have.I intend to add more and more  tips, tricks , and tactics to this course, based on the clever questions, that you, my students, will bring up while learning the course.This is going to be  a great  adventure for all of us.To Your Success!Manny
this is the best Options Trading course. you can download and watch for free after enroll.

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