Why does Pakistan Support Azerbaijan against Armenia?

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Why does Pakistan Support Azerbaijan against Armenia? Policy of Pakistan towards the Caucasus region creates questions. Pakistan-Azerbaijan-Turkey partnership is growing. What are the reasons?

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29 responses to Why does Pakistan Support Azerbaijan against Armenia?

  1. I think it should be clear for Baku who are their friends and enemies.. India armed Armenia with radars tht should be enough for them to find alternatives (hopefully Pakistan trade w Azerbaijan blooms) even a pencil as a product in india would sell like madd

  2. Pakistan needs to help Azerbaijan and Turkey with warheads no one would dare to attack them again !!! And Muslims countries need to stick together or countries would become another Iraq or Afghanistan good to see Pakistan helping there allies and Pakistan does not care if Azerbaijan does business with India good for both countries

  3. Probably cause they both part of the moon people lol.they are simply sad people looking for attention. F&$# them and what they believe in

  4. Azerbaijan our young brother
    We love and support Azeri'Bhaijaan'😍
    In our language bhaijan means sweetest brother 🤗🇵🇰🇹🇷🇦🇿

  5. • invading 7 #Azerbaijan districts

    • driving 1.000.000 people away

    • razing around 100,000 buildings

    • causing more than
    50 billion dollars loses

    they will pay compensation but this wont bring other loses back.

    On the other hand it is the fact that armenians demands still focus on;

    • making new demands

    • racist comments about Azerbaijan

    • stoking hate

    • baying for a new war


    shame on you diaspora!





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