Using Video and Webinars to Get Feedback During a Product's Development Process

Here’s something that’s plenty aggravating. You work for months, if not years to develop a product, only to release it and find out your customers wanted something else. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that information before you actually released the product? It’s not like you want to create products your customers don’t want. It’s just you didn’t know.
The solution is to come up with a real-time feedback loop where you can show your audience what you’re developing and let them have a chance to respond and make suggestions in real-time. It’s exactly the solution Mike Erickson, Director of Online Marketing at Tektronix Communications, was looking for.
Erickson attended Business Video Expo in Miami, Florida to be a sponge. He wanted to learn best practices and to investigate what the rest of the industry is doing with video and webinars.
While he’s looking for solutions for internal- and external-facing video, his main goal is to find a webinar solution with an interactive environment that allows users and potential users to comment on their products. He wants customers to get involved in the product development process.
Currently, Tektronix gets customer feedback, but only after the product is shipped. What Erickson would like would be a situation where they could show their audience an application in process. Give them a feel for the GUI (graphical user interface) and then let them respond in real time. That feedback would then be visibly used to refine the product before it’s released.
“The more feedback we can get into the development process the better our products get and the better our customers get with it,” said Erickson.


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