US Citizenship Interview Practice 2020 during COVID |

This US citizenship interview is based on an actual applicant’s US naturalization interview experience and it addresses a few common asked questions such as changing name, traffic tickets and taxes. This mock interview is based on actual applicant’s experience during the pandemic.

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Today, we will provide you another mock interview to help you prepare for your citizenship interview. Because of the pandemic, many interview procedures have changed. We want to make sure you are familiar with the new format. This mock interview is based on actual applicant’s experience during the pandemic. The applicant wanted to change her name. She also had a traffic ticket and owed some taxes.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Clearing Security
3:33 Interview – Review N-400 application
14:58 Interview – Civics Test
16:19 Interview – English Reading and Writing Test
18:21 Your turn to practice

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50 responses to US Citizenship Interview Practice 2020 during COVID |

  1. Hi. I’m passed the interview today, but received the notice N-652 said that need to be take final decision. Does it impact my interview result or not. I’m in Houston, TX.

  2. Thanks for all the videos. But have a question, I applied for citizenship in July 2020, and am not yet invited. Please, when are they going to invite me? I live in NC. Thanks

  3. Hi teacher I'm confused my interview is on Decmber. Which one is can i study version 2008 or version 2020 please help me?

  4. Okay I have a question because I’m going to try and apply before Dec 1st 2020 to jump into the 2008 test. I’m from Colombia and my Colombian passport is expired although I am a permanent resident which is not expired. Do I need to renew colombian my passport before starting my application ?

  5. Hola, gracias por el video. Una pregunta, a mi me dieron un ticket de tráfico por bloquear un cruce peatonal y fue injusto y yo pedí apelar el caso y fui a corte, en la aplicación puse que nunca había sido citada a corte porque como fui yo que pidió ir pues no pensé que había que ponerlo. Cuando me pregunt el oficial si he sido citada, como debo responder? Yo pague la mitad de la multa que el policía me puso, eso lo decidieron en la corte y yo lo pague de una vez.

  6. I just passed my interview but the officer said they have to do a background check and based on that they will make a decision. I was finger printed on February 2020 before the COVID-19 shut down. Did anybody have a similar situation?

  7. I have my interview on December 29th ! Will they ask me if I have a job ? And will it be a problem if I tell them I am a stay at home mom ??

  8. So I was going through the uscis site and it says it you file before dec 1st then you have to prepare for civics version 2008 but if you file after dec 1st 2020 . What version should I prepare for ???

  9. May I ask some questions? I went to interview on October 7. but they ✅ in the paper 📄 N-652 ✅ I pass the English test and the US history and government test and then they ✅ A decision be made yet about your application. I just wondering they gonna ask me to interview again or no 🙏

  10. good video. my appointment interview is in November 12- 2020. I'm very nervous because my English is not good. please pray for me thank you.

  11. I have 2 tickets which I pay for it , for red light and another one making Uturn where I wasn’t supposed . My question is do it have to tell them all that ?

  12. Thankyou for your service! I passed the test and interview last week and I have an oath ceremony tomorrow. Im very looking forward to tomorrow😁 All of your videos are very helpful! Thankyou again!

  13. Thank you for the videos. It’s very helpful especially my interview is getting closer. November 10,2020 at 1pm will be my interview. I pray that I’ll pass my interview.

  14. Yesterday November 6th, 2020 was my interview and I take the oath the same day 😃
    I applied on March 18, 2020.
    Biometric appointment was September 22.
    And finally the interview November 6.

    The officer that interviewed me was really rude and unprofessional with a terrible bad attitude! She didn’t even say hi to me or congratulated me at the end of the interview but thanks God I was more than prepared and answer every question without any doubt.

  15. Hi.Yesterday I took my test for citizenship. They ticked of that "You will have another opportunity to be tested on your ability to understand english".They also ticked of " A decision cannot be made yet about your application ". Does this mean I have to retake the test or does it mean something else.

  16. Thank you so much !!! I passed my citizenship interview today 11/03(election day)my lucky day
    I am in Missouri
    Apply August
    Finger print the end September
    Interview 11/03
    I feel very lucky to have the easy officer …. my interview about 15’. The officer was very friendly and so nice (even he forgot to take my picture and fingerprints) 😜.
    I didn’t realize either.. after I left he called me back to do that …
    didn’t ask me anything or explain anything on N400.
    Just confirm my name ,address, works ,marriage, children
    Reading: what money do you have to pay for the government?
    Writing: Washington is on a dollar bill
    What’s the name of the president?
    Donald Trump
    What do we show loyalty to when we say the Pledge of Allegiance?
    To the United States
    How old di citizens have to be vote for President?
    18 and older
    What is one right or freedoms from the First Amendment?
    Name on right only for United State s citizens?
    What are the two major political parties in the United States?
    Democratic and Republican
    Good luck to everyone
    Do not nervous…. just feel like to talk to your friends .
    Everything will be fine
    Wish you all luck 🥰🥰🥰

  17. Please, I want to change my name in New Jersey. Do you know if that's gonna delay the process on the day of the interview??? Thanks

  18. My husband has his interview tomorrow and the notice says to provide evidence is selective service but we don't have that. What do we do? Will he be denied? We know when he first applied for his green card he was at 26 and he definitely registered for it but we can't find anything on it. He's 34 now.

  19. Does it matter if my current living address is different from my mailing address? Do I need to clarify that in case the officer doesn't ask? Thx!

  20. Hi guys, highly suggest watching these videos! Truly help during civics and regular interview. I had an interview on Oct 27 in Los Angeles. My case is being continued because I traveled a lot in the last 5 year period, and didn't bring proof of that. In general, I was nervous even though I should have felt confident as I live in the US as my home. Hard to predict which officer you may get. I truly suggest having a positive mindset if whatever happens – happens, accept both scenarios if you worry. Still, wish me and everyone here luck!

  21. I did not pass yet I got bad officer he asked me alot and he wear mask can't hear clear when he speak he speak too fast I ask can you please speak slow for me he said No loud he told me You must speak english.i feel like i am in the jail.i am not feel like interview .so sad

  22. Thanks to God and thanks to you for help I passed my citizenship interview yesterday 😀 my appointment was at 10.15 am and the Oath Ceremony was at 1.30pm
    Thank you so much 😀 I am from San Antonio, Tx

  23. hi teacher i just passed my interview today…thank you so much for all videos…i just want to share my experience they asked me what my full name, my husband name and my daughter name,how many trips iv taken,how i meet my husband and why i married my i have a brother or sister,where i lived,do i worked..i forgot the reading and writing in the tablet what he said,..then we go in civics question what is the political party of the president,what is the name of the vice president now,what is the reason colonist came to america,who signes bills become laws,what is the form of goverment then after that yes or no not all in the application he so nervous the whole interview. im lucky his so nice to me,,,then he let me signature in the tablet and he give a paper for oath ceremony this nov.13 he said…and he congratss me..then he bring me until the exit and he congratss me again and i said thank you sir and God bless…much better to study than say sorry…no meaning and vocabulary but im ready for that,..thank you so much teacher for all the videos i watched everyday and i learn a lot,,,good luck to all who have upcoming interview..and most of all Pray….

  24. Hola, pueden me gustaría ver algún vídeo donde en la preguntas acerca del covid incluya que si hicieron una cuarentena y saber que decir. Gracias 😊

  25. I have don’t my interview and it’s been approved but i haven’t received oath notification yet, the officer mentioned because of COVID-19 that they don’t know when they would do oath ceremony! This is Houston, if anyone is just like me please reply this comment, so i can know i am not alone.

  26. Hey can anyone tell me definitions that officer ask is necessary to answer correct?
    If someone cannot answer correctly to the definitions what the impact of this on your results?

  27. Thank you for all the videos you post! Quick question: she had the citizenship interview before the removal of conditions on her green card, correct? What happens next? Do they ever remove the conditions after giving her the citizenship? How does that work? Thanks!

  28. Hello, I have the Interview in New Jersey. Please do you have information about this matter. I want to change my name but if it is gonna cause delay, I will not change it. Do you know if changing ones name causes delay in New Jersey ? Thanks


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