Trump delivers remarks to City of New York Benevolent Association

President Donald Trump will deliver remarks to the City of New York Benevolent Association.

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30 responses to Trump delivers remarks to City of New York Benevolent Association

  1. Best president of my life. Matter fact, he’s the best president to ever grace the White House.. so proud to vote for him once again, in November.

  2. Rudy is full of doodie !!!!
    Best mayor was dinkins !!!!
    Black people never forgot the crimes against humanity that you and those racist pigz did to us in New York !!!!

  3. .                         🍊
    .                     💩  💩
    .                💩Trump💩
    .            💩💩💩💩💩💩
    .        💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    .  💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
        KING     OF     THE          HILL !

  4. It's like watching children stand around the local bully listening to him rant on about what he did, mimicking people. Is this REALLY a President. What Nonsense about Kamala too. She might not be republican but I know she has done a lot for ordinary people, like getting repaid for the terrible bank fraud loans. I do wonder why they are trying so hard to make the Dems out to be evil. It's so childish. Telling these wild conspiracy fuelled stories, like desperate men. Well, if Mr Bannon did steal Build the Wall funds, then desperate men is what they should be.


  6. President Trump; the Police mush not be abolished, the Police office knows what will happen out here on the streets here in our United States of American and the American people and the children the Police forces mush be made team in full force they know what type of criminals that are out here.

  7. Love your words Mr. President Trump.. We love You.. We the true Americans needs to help fight for Our Country and for Our True Americans. We have evil rt now that wants to take Our Country away.. It's time to make a stand. I've stood by you before you were President. You've done what you said you'd do if you became President. That's why I know you're true and honest.. God Bless You and Pence. Your Families too. Just like I and my family knows you had a cure for this virus. But they stopped it from being sold in the USA because you said it would work.. Doctors even agree with you but can't describe it. Because it's no longer sold here. People need to wake up and support you and fight… Trump 2020 and God Bless America and God Bless America's People.. Jesus 2020


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