TRAIN TO BUSAN | Korean Zombie Film | Reaction & Discussion!



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44 responses to TRAIN TO BUSAN | Korean Zombie Film | Reaction & Discussion!

  1. This is the best zombie ever i have seen . Even i am zombie movies lover i have seen too many best in my life this was best one 💝

  2. Damn SOUTH KOREA is a World leader in everything from futuristic technologies to heavenly beautiful nature to kind mannered disciplined Soviets to fun and best education system and not to forget how south korea dominates in entertainment industry K-POP k-drama k-movies.. No one can beat South Korean horror zombie & disaster films… Respect to South Korea !!!!

  3. achara it looks like you've moved into jombies coz you are doing the zombie things after the trailer. If Jaby (sorry jaby) wouldn't propose you I'll propose you better than jaby(jombie) JJ.

  4. I started fast-forwarding through the Walking Dead from Season 7 and stopped watching at Season 8! I chuckled when you confessed as well!

  5. This trailer is so bad it should be illegal. 😀 Like most international trailers for Asian movies. Busan deserved a lot better than that.

  6. You should watch the trailer of HOWL movie it it's a British movie south western service from London Waterloo to Eastbourne hits a dear and is stuck and in the jungle there are werewolf and watch what happens pls pls pls watch this movie

  7. This movie is best of all the zombies movies ever made and first movie in which I really cared about the characters…..

  8. This comes in one of my favorite movies
    For everybody to know the horror and zombies movies come first to me whenever I decide to watch movies

  9. Wouldn't say it's the best but one of the best definitely not "the best" just one of the best it had good action good emotional scene loved it, it was pretty good

  10. I am 13 and this is the first horror movie or should say trailer that got me scared. Now I want to watch the movie. Does anybody know where I can get one with english dub or sub??

  11. Please react to "Space Sweepers" trailer, it's a Korean scifi movie, it's promising 😍 here's the link

  12. This is how it is with Korean films/dramas. It sucks you in. I’ve long since stopped watching English movies and dramas. The Asian genre is much more appealing.


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