TONE YOUR THIGHS in 2 Weeks | 8 minute Home Workout

Tone your thighs in 2 weeks, with this 8 minute at home workout challenge. These thigh fat burn exercises will help show you how to lose thigh fat from home and get slimmer inner and outer thighs. For best thighs results, do this with good nutrition and my fat burn workouts.

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1 Adjustable + 1 HIIT + 8 Week LEAN Video Guide
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Long Bands (set of 3) £35

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0:00 Thighs Workout Introduction
0:23 LEAN Resistance Bands Launch Announcement
2:01 Tone Your Thighs Home Workout Challenge
9:58 You Made It

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Please remember that we cannot spot reduce fat, meaning we can’t choose the areas on our body where we loose fat. However to get fat loss results I recommend the following
1. Being in calorie deficit
2. Cardio/ HIIT workout (I often call these Fat Loss/Burn workouts on my channel)
3. Specific muscle targeted workouts. To strengthen and develop specific muscles.
The key to achieving your fitness and health goals is consistency and healthy lifestyle changes, without restriction. I don’t believe in crazy fad diets. Simply eat nutritious food, move your body, smile and enjoy the journey! Love Lilly


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40 responses to TONE YOUR THIGHS in 2 Weeks | 8 minute Home Workout

  1. Who’s going to be snagging the LEAN bands tomorrow? I can’t believe tomorrow is the day! I am so so thankful for your support. I love you familia ❤️ to buy the bands tomorrow at 7pm UK time (worldwide shipping is available) 🥰

  2. hi lilly, I wanted to say thank you for your workouts and specially thanks for always adding modifications
    I'm just starting to workout with your videos but so far you're the best fitness youtuber I found
    I hope to get good results; I made a playlist with all the workouts I'm able to do (some I'm physically unable) and that's where the modifications help a lot! Thanks again, bless you

  3. Love your stuff, Lilly. You have a very happy and positive approach, people will feed off of that. Great session as always. Bex and Carlos x

  4. Каждому, кто читает этот комментарий, желаю большого Сибирского здоровья Вам и Вашим близким и благополучия!❤️🤗😊

    Друзья, предлагаю посетить наш канал

  5. I love using your videos. It burns so much and it feels so good! But I've just been doing random videos with no clear schedule. Can you do a video on how to make a good workout plan for different body types and different goals?

  6. Yay, I just grabbed myself your lean bands and the two resistance bands in aqua and black. Can’t wait to receive them! Thanks, Lily! 😘

  7. Now this is how you make a motivational video and everything else is on point, keep up the great work guys! #Motivation2020

  8. On behalf of big girls everywhere thank you for making a good exercise that you don't want to give up half way through. I am 260lbs and I just did you arm workout twice through and this one. I feel challenged but not defeated. Thank you!

  9. Jeżeli ktoś planuje schudnąć to moim zdaniem najlepiej przede wszystkim skupić się na mało przetworzonym odżywianiu, najlepiej na rzeczach o niskim indeksie glikemicznym a także na spożywaniu zdecydowanie większej ilości błonnika. Ćwiczenia fizyczne moim zdaniem są dobre na ujędrnienie sylwetki i zbudowanie mięśni, natomiast w odchudzaniu prawda jest taka, że najważniejszą kwestią jest odżywianie, a z ćwiczeń to wystarczy pójść na długi spacer lub rowerek. Wiem co mówię, bo sama w taki sposób schudłam ok 12 kg zmieniając w znacznym stopniu swoje odżywianie, a dawniej wyłącznie ćwiczyłam i ćwiczyłam niepotrzebnie. Najlepiej to przedstawia dziewczyna z bloga dieta Anusi, polecam poczytać w Google. Pozdrawiam serdecznie 😉

  10. Excuse me lady…people who are not in financial condition to buy this …(u r cooly promoting ur brand ..what a joke) how r they cope up with this stupid exercises of yours..U KNOW WHAT U R SICK…IF U R RICH U THINK U CAN PUT ON UR STUPID VIDEO TO PROMOTE UR BRAND …U R SICK LADY


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