This is the iPhone SE 2

Is the iPhone SE 2 a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You decide.

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41 responses to This is the iPhone SE 2

  1. Dude I don’t care
    Any new model comes out i buy it and use it until the newer version and this se was a good cute iphone.

  2. Was searching for a new phone at Walmart after my Moto G7 Optimo Maxx shit the bed (don't buy that phone, it's hot ass and doesn't last long). Was looking at the Total Wireless phones and saw the iPhone 7. The rest of the bunch were shitty $100 Samsung and LG phones that had terrible reviews so I said screw it I guess I'm going with Apple again. Guy at the counter said they have the second gen SE for the same $200 price tag. For a phone as incredible as that I couldn't say no considering either and 8 or an 11 would cost me wayy more money. It's small but not too small, the battery lasts for an acceptable amount of time and the camera is leagues better than any Moto phone I've ever used. There isn't a single phone out there that can compare to this at $200. They wanted twice that for a Moto G Hyper.

  3. People saying this phones not worth it in 2020. It definitely is for the price it can run games really well! the battery may not be that good but it’s alright.

  4. I feel the Se 2 is an excellent opportunity for someone like myself who has traditionally avoided apple products to "dip a toe" in the Apple pond without a significant outlay of cash and subsequent buyers remorse associated with a $1000 phone purchase. Including the A13 chip was an excellent marketing decision as us outlier users get to experience the true potential speed of the device, and not have our initial exposure to the Apple line "neutered" by a device of low performance. I think this was a calculated marketing tactic and it worked flawlessly. Couple that with aggressive sale strategies (Like the AT&T prepaid walmart activation sale for $149) and you'll have volumes of new customers….I have to applaud them for that. All told, in the past 3 weeks of my ownership I have been extremely pleased with my decision to give it a shot. I did purchase it as an additional line so I had the luxury of easing into the change. But with IOS 14, I hate to say it but I'm feeling like a convert…damn good "little" device so far.

  5. Well…this is like my first time having an iPhone. And when I first got it for weeks ago I like that I like the somatic survey to take how compact it was and everything it even has my already-used-to finger ID sensory and after 4 weeks now, the really big concern for now is the fact that it has the big bezels on the phone now we’re coming in a new age where those don’t exist anymore it’s just all scream these days and I kind of miss that a little bit because to me that’s kind of beautiful in a phone to have I mean it’s looks cute and all but I really wanted the iPhone 11 now that I’m hating sis I got big hands and having a small phone in my hand just too small I don’t like small phones…

  6. One of your worst video honestly you keep talking about other phones man…
    Just keep it with the SE 2020 we don't care about the others models otherwise we wouldn't click the video titled "THiS iS THE iPHONE SE 2".
    More than 80% of the video is not even about what your title says…

  7. Might cop this cuz my pixel 2 xl camera stopped working and I’m on my mams original se 🤣🤣 and we’re poor but not poor poor yeno want an 8 plus but the budget is 400 and I compared it to the 8 plus on apples webisite and it seems a bit better


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