The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber – Justin Bieber: Seasons

A look inside Hailey and Justin’s intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina (complete with a few surprise guests). As the two finally tie the knot, Justin and those closest to him reflect on just how far he’s come—from teenage sensation to world famous popstar to mature, loving husband—and what he’s had to do to get there.

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Justin’s new album ‘Changes’ out now:


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49 responses to The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber – Justin Bieber: Seasons

  1. Usher saying "This is what life is about man". Hahaha PLEASE, he cheated on his ex-wife with her BRIDESMAID, he cheated on TLC singer Chili, and he cheated on his 2nd wife!!! LOL, loser please.

    And let's be honest, as romantic as this looks, like all celebrity couples, they're gonna be divorced in a few years!

  2. I have never understood the appeal of Justin Bieber. I find him average looking, immature and just basically obnoxious.

  3. My english is not good enough but look at justin he wasn't happy at all especially in 6:12 when he looks too hailey I swear that he was thinking to selenaa 💔💔 . So fucking sad history…..

  4. You should take care of hailey now justin✨✨✨
    Im one of your fan as a JELENA,
    But im Happy For you..
    I know that someday Selena will be able to FIND as well her True Love💗💗💗

  5. And i remember that song he sang it for selena on stage. I fell so bad for selena 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Jelena shipper here but this video fucked my eyes up from crying during this quarantine. Justin chose the right woman. He loves Hailey and we don't need to tell him who to love.

  7. I couldn’t stop smiling that whole video. You two are completely and utterly made for Each other and it is so dam beautiful 😩🥰

  8. Parece egoísta da minha parte dizer isso mais eu sonhei tanto com esse momento porem ele e Selena, e me doeu muito ver ele cantando "One less lonely girl" da mesma forma que cantou para Selena no palco quando tudo começou.. Me trouxe uma nostalgia, quem era fã do casal sabe qual vídeo estou me referindo Mais a vida realmente é uma caixinha de surpresas e nois nunca saberemos oque de fato houve, espero que ele realmente seja muito feliz.

  9. Soy la única que antes odiaba a Hailey. Quiero decir me encantaba Jelena, pero no me daba cuenta lo mal que se hacían en realidad sólo me gustaba nose la verdad su polémica? Sus vaivenes? No lo sé y ahora miro a Hailey y a Justin y Dios son tan hermosos. Justin de ve tan feliz de verdad y eso me encanta. Y ni hablemos de Hailey es la persona más dulce que he visto joder espero no equivocarme (antes la miraba como una víbora, sólo por con quien se juntaba) pero como sea yo no vivo con ellos ni soy su amiga así que nose como es en realidad. Espero que sean re felices c:

  10. hailey looks really nice the poor and she is very cute but i don't imagine it with justin for me it is selena gomez the true the only one the only selena gomez it is a queen for me


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