The Story of CD Projekt

In the opening episode of our six-part series on The Witcher, we talk to Marcin Iwiński about life in socialist Poland, the business of games distribution and the …


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23 responses to The Story of CD Projekt

  1. Came to see about games long loved. instead some anti-socialism riff-raff for a good chunk of video. Funny to watch in 2020, let's see how it's gonna be in 2030

  2. I got emotional when he said that he was grateful for that corner at the BioWare booth and how It was a quality stamp on their game and brand. Gotta respect that.

  3. 1. the face he made while he was recollecting his memories made me feel like there were some things he couldn't say.
    2. it makes me feel so happy that he quit non-veg food.
    3. i felt he was honest and i appreciate it.

  4. As a person from Czechia (south neighbor of Poland) this hit really close to home. We had a lot of the same struggles and the beginings of gaming were almost identical. CD Project was a huge influence even in our little country and The Witcher was a big deal here as well even before the games. Great job, Noclip!


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