The New Lenovo ThinkPad 8 — First Look with Kevin Beck

First Look, offers a deep dive into the features and technology of new Think brand products. In this episode, our host Kevin Beck talks with Alysia Baker, product marketing manager, about our latest Tablet, the new ThinkPad 8. Learn More:

Extreme Mobility
The ThinkPad 8 is a practical tablet for professionals, weighing less than a pound and lasting up to eight hours on a single battery charge.

Multimode Versatility
Enjoy the portability of tablet mode when you’re on the go, or connect it to the optional keyboard base, USB 3.0 dock, or monitor to use it as a PC. To watch a video or run a slideshow, flip over the optional Quickshot Cover to enter Tent Mode.

Full HD (1920×1200) Display With IPS Technology
The vibrant 8.3″ wide-view display yields 25-percent more viewing area than similar tablets in this size class, and uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) for vivid colors and nearly 180-degree viewing angles.

Full Windows 8 Ecosystem
Running touch-optimized Windows 8 apps as well as familiar desktop software (including Microsoft Office), the ThinkPad 8 is ready for work.
Convenient Sharing Apps

Easily share content wirelessly across multiple devices with Lenovo QuickCast 2.0 and stream presentations or HD video without cables with Lenovo QuickDisplay 2.0. Use Lenovo Reach to set up a personal cloud that securely delivers a consistent experience across all of your devices.

Ten-Finger Multitouch Technology
Seamlessly integrate with Windows 8 and enjoy more precise control.

Enterprise-Ready Security Features
Keep your data secure with features like a TPM chip, Mobile Device Management, Workplace Join, and an auto-triggered VPN function when the user selects an app or function requiring access to corporate data.

Dual 1080p HD Cameras
2MP front-facing webcam for crystal-clear video conferencing, supported by dual digital array microphones with noise cancellation and VoIP optimization. 8MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus and -flash, and video recording.

Online Connectivity Options
With 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth® 4.0, and optional worldwide 3G/4G, you’ll be able to connect to the internet wherever you go.

Optional Quickshot Cover
Keep your tablet covered, even when taking a photo. Simply flick back the corner flap to expose the lens, and the Windows 8.1 camera app will open automatically. The magnetic closure also triggers and wakes the tablet from sleep mode.

HDMI Output
The micro HDMI-out port allows easy connection to an HD television or other monitor.


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32 responses to The New Lenovo ThinkPad 8 — First Look with Kevin Beck

  1. ADVISE FOR LENOVO:  If you're going to advertise this as a business class PC and claim it can dock, tell us what the Dock model number is, and more importantly, can the dock charge the Thinkpad 8 while connected to USB devices.   (i.e., external drives, USB ethernet card).   I just got it last week, and it works great, but only one USB port for either charging or interconnecting is really inconvenient.  Also, please be straight forward as to whether simultaneous charging & connecting is even possible.  I have tried several cable setup combinations, mixed with different Y-adapters, with no successful results.

    Does anyone out there have a solution to or know of a dock that can provide simultaneous charging-connecting of the Micro USB 3.0 on this device?

  2. Will it charge the device when connected to the dock that you're talking about? Otherwise, what's the point?

  3. Right… mmmhmmm… right…. mmmhmmm….right… Right… mmmhmmm… right…. mmmhmmm….right….very cool……Right… mmmhmmm… right…. mmmhmmm….right…Right… mmmhmmm… right…. mmmhmmm….right…awesome, awesome….

  4. 1200×1920 resolution, woohoo!  Finally, retina-quality screen for Windows 8 devices.  Now here's hoping Windows 8 scaling doesn't suck a big one.

  5. Improvements needed:
    2) Microsoft Office should be on it I assume.

  6. I'm not a big fan of using an active stylus, so I'm ok with that being left out, that's what my Bluetooth mouse is for. As far as using it in the hand as a traditional tablet, Modern UI is better at that and it's capacitive friendly; I only use the desktop while sitting in one place. This shall be my 8" (or 8.3", technically) tablet since I need something that fits easily in a small to medium sized purse and the Venue 8 Pro and Miix has no HDMI out and the Encore, while it does have microHDMI, is the cheapest looking ugliest device imaginable.

  7. Once again Lenovo doesn't listen to its tablet customers. Don't they remember the TPT2 debacle? Where is the Wacom stylus with this? Who cares about the camera. Hardly anyone uses their tablet to take pictures. If they had added the Wacom stylus this tablet would have been huge. With this configuration they immediately eliminate 50% of experienced tablet pc users.

  8. This looks really good. It would have been even better had they added support for a stylus but that's the only caveat. I'm going to wait for Microsoft to announce an 8 inch Surface before making any final decisions.


  10. How much of a desktop experience we are talking about? MS Excel worksheet with over 60K records with VBA and PowerPivot? Could you please show us an example of that running on a real life presentation?

  11. will you be able to charge the tablet when connected to other usb devices/usb hub? this is very important for desktop mode.

  12. Both did an excellent review but I have to say that the "Mhm, right" is very distracting and takes a lot away from the review. Keep up the good work but correct this please.

  13. Awesome device and I hope Lenovo promotes this in the consumer space and not just to business customers.  If there is one let down its the lack for a active stylus option .. hoping that is something that can be easily made available down the road.


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