The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that not only don’t we understand our own consciousness, but that half the time our brains are actively fooling us.

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34 responses to The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

  1. The fact that my mind plays tricks on my senses is not the allusion of consciousness, the fact that I am aware of my brain playing tricks on me is consciousness.

  2. I would like to think that I am something other than the bundle of neurons between my ears, but I can't prove that I am the transcendent entity that observes the function of those neurons, and no one else can prove it either, just like that the fact that no one can prove that anything supernatural happened in the Middle East thousands of years ago, or which religion is the right one, if any of them actually are, everyone is guessing about all of this, and if someone could actually definitively prove something, it wouldn't be a discussion would it, it would be on the table and no one could deny it, there would be no debate,. and faith would be irrelevant, it would just be a fact

  3. just because there's commonalities in bone structures among different animals does not mean they evolved from each other or our ancestors of each other. that's completely ridiculous to say that one species is an ancestor of another species.

    There is no evolution of species. All the species were created as they are to fit into this glorious universe of variety.

    I don't agree with that as being the truth of our universe and the reality we're living. I feel Elohim created us. I feel there's an intelligent template that precedes our human life existence.

    there is no way you would be able to find a bunch of different fossils of different animals and say they're related, and say their intermediary fossils. that's just complete nonsense falsity and non truth.

    Everything on Earth is related in the sense that we all are part of life and we all come from the source.

    natural processes which can be studied and understood are coded into the creation by the source of creation. there is no evolution of species. Every animal sticks to its kind and doesn't change over time. that's a complete falsity. that's completely made up. and there's absolutely no proof for that at all. and I can't be proved. it's as much magical as the LifeSource creating everything spontaneously out of its own nature.

  4. The delusion of the man, Dan Dennett, sadly he appears in my consciousness, deluding himself on understanding the nature of consciousness.

  5. Awareness existed, before any Universe !
    Discover and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between the Experience, and LIFE which is Non-Dimensional !

  6. "Real" consciousness is the bag of tricks that make up the assumptions we have about what it is we think we know about the world.

  7. He does have a good point in this aspect: our field of consciousness feels to us like a "point self" while in reality there are many brain areas working, many fragments were joined together to give us this centered illusion. But that is something nobody finds odd, we all accept that.

  8. Consciousness is the one thing you cant fake. If you could, who would be the observer of the fakery?
    He should reflect on whether it is reasonable to suppose that the irreducible unity of awareness could be the result of the irreducible multiplicity of generation. Better to conclude that oneness can only come from a greater oneness.

  9. The thing is you can easily define consciousness in such a way as to call it an illusion, and that’s fine; but it still feels like something to be me, and calling that an illusion is meaningless in any practical way. It has nothing to do with the existence of a “soul” or even a way to describe the feeling of being apart from brain chemistry, the illusion argument is just useless intellectual masturbation.

  10. Glad many agree… I almost thought I was missing something.. Cognitive recognition, the human eye, optical illusion… his philosophy excludes other scientific knowledge. We are cognitive that we are made of atoms (the closer you look the less you see the whole picture) – so his "news" is not 'marvel'.
    Individuals PERCEIVE differently & 'insert' their own PERSONAL IMAGINATION = NOT NEWS !
    *doesn't pointing out the intricacies of how we don't understand consciousness actually demonstrate how WE DO ?
    DANIEL : This almost borders on "WOOO" ; as if inanimate objects are 'out to trick us' rather than individual perception and memory. SANS EPISTEMOLOGICAL ! open a PSYCHOLOGY TEXT!

  11. There is nothing about consciousness at all. You can't define how you are a conscious because if you gonna do so you just say something that has been allready programmed into ur mind
    Edit; it's just an opinion of mine

  12. Seems to me this is about the quality of consciousness. "illusion" is a showman's word. Our senses are perceiving instruments, how well they perceive incoming information, and how they process it, is but one aspect. The label of "Illusion of consciousness" is a distraction. Optical illusions are way over hyped and more distraction.. It's looking through the wrong end of the microscope. Want to understand your consciousness, seriously, then you have to go back to the beginning, Evolution over Deep Time and learn about the how & why's of earliest creatures inventing emergent property after emergent property and time pushed them forward. Give your understanding of consciousness some down to Earth depth, beyond this social media trapped outlook.

  13. Materialism has passed its sell-by-date. But atheists have no other option so they have have to resort to fairytale nonsense, and end up discarding their minds and consciousness in the process.

  14. If you know what consciousness is and you're sure of yourself, Mr. Dennett, why are you so unconscious of your physical body? How unhealthy and out of shape it is. If you were conscious of it, you'd do something about it.

  15. I thought spending a wet weekend with the mother in law was boring.
    Well old Dan just took the crown.
    He must be a barrel of fun in a pub…. NOT

  16. Regarding the "Change Blindness". Prof Dennett explained earlier that we have a very small angle of acute vision and it's fuzzy elsewhere.
    If you have sharp focus at the point where change is occurring, it is easily seen. Otherwise, more difficult as the brain is used to filling in the detail (or accepting the fuzzy as detailed).

  17. I have a rule: never listen to a lecture that starts off with a joke. It has served me well. ps this joke was very lame and he delivers his humour non-thetically, dare I say unconsciously

  18. This reeks mostly of ego … the vapid kind. It starts with an undefended premise and just gets worse … mostly consisting of an attempt to be a stand up comic. I hate the saying "there's no there there" … but now I see a good application of it.


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