The Handshake Market: Supply & Demand Activity

Here is a great activity that helps students understand markets and price signals. In this activity half the class are buyers and the other half are sellers. The product they are selling is handshakes.

There are four rounds and each last approximately 5 minutes. In the first round students determine an equilibrium. In round 2 they witness the effects of a price ceiling. In round 3 there is a shift in demand for handshakes and in round 4 there is an excise tax.

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If you are a teacher click ahead to 20:38

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28 responses to The Handshake Market: Supply & Demand Activity

  1. What was the number of cards issued at each price for buyers and sellers?
    By this I mean how many blue 2’s, 4’s etc)

  2. He came to my state. I really liked the activity but I really didn't get it. He does a lot of activities and that is what makes this class popular.

  3. How did you get the quantity of 50 at 5.50? Maybe I chat see the board well from a distance but the quantity looks like it's around 40 to 45.

  4. When you add the price ceiling any card higher than 3 is just not a sellable price any more correct? A 7 doesn't become a 3 you just have to exit the market to come back and get a new card? Thanks so much!

  5. Question do you use this activity at the beginning of a unit or more as review?

    Also do you assess/test your students on demand/supply shifts/elasticity/etc all at once? I have always done demand, then supply, then put it together for prices. If you have tried both ways, which seems to help your students understand better?

  6. You could introduce the concept of externalities like clean water and pollution. Instead of "leaving the market" you could have people just die or get incredibly ill.

  7. Mr. Clifford,

    Your videos have been so helpful to me over the course of my first semester in Macro! I wish I had known about your videos sooner. I just bought your review packet before my first midterm:D Please keep them coming I wish more people knew about them!


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