The Best Marketing Strategy: Care

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31 responses to The Best Marketing Strategy: Care

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  2. Hahahaha, this is the first time I read comments when watching this video :D!
    I never even noticed the nipple rub before now hahaha 😀
    How the nipple rub, Gary?

    Please ignore all other questions and answer this one because it's newest question to you right now. If you wait too long it'll be worthless :/

  3. I agree that caring is a good strategy. It's harder to do, takes more time and energy, but it separates you from others and really makes a difference in the long run.

  4. I'm so glad that someone in your position is able to actually make a difference in this matter. I've been on that same page since the first drink I served 10 years ago to the last client I attended. Caring is the key to trust and loyalty.

  5. Awesome story, and a great lesson! One of the BEST! And I didn't have to waste my time watching Gary riding cars, or walking around airports while looking in his phone. THANX! 😀

  6. That story got Gary excited, rubbing the nipples, probably rubbed one out in the green room afterwards, haha!

  7. Thank you! Every once in I find myself doing something similar for a client and after it's over I beat myself up for doing so — why why why — but you just explained why.


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