State of emergency declared in New York City over coronavirus

Following the lead of other affected states, New York cracks down on crowds in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



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44 responses to State of emergency declared in New York City over coronavirus


  2. Respected Americans your country is going to very close to under control of Covid 19. Need not worry dears. God always with your country.

  3. For the past three months, I’ve been making a documentary about essential workers in NYC. It’s on my channel if you want to check it out!

  4. cv19 is fake.
    2001 +
    = 2020
    NY Medical Doctors are Traitors & Liars! Get rdy for FEMA death camps.

  5. Virologists from taiwan n japan research on cv19 genome,it came from us. As critics said us deep state biowar on china.

  6. The military is the biggest prescriber of the “malaria pill”. Is this fear porn? Do we have traitors in the military who are not allowing our troops to be treated properly for political agendas? What is going on?!

  7. Influenza has killed between 20 to 40,000 people this year check the CDC. -This ain’t about the coronavirus. I’m glad we have a president who is not in bed with you U N right now.Can you imagine when we get a liberal globalist in office again?

  8. If so, why then we're the military in the photo of the video, same man you showed in begining of video, not wearing gloves at first or a mask, even in video, handing out supplies if you need to be 6ft away from people. And I won't trust the government to cook my food. We're in for a hard fucking with no lube in a pile of bullshit.

  9. Chastisement is next after All this coronavirus …hopefully end. BUT WHATS COMING NEXT….ONLY A VERY FEW WILL SURVIVE .😑😔

  10. They are now wanting to keep new Yorkers in NY.THATS ABSOLUTELY HILLARIOUS TO ME!!.Theyre destruction to anywhere that they go in numbers is well established.Its 2 elephants in the room.

  11. If There is such Deadly Virus! How come all of the Military personnel arent wearing any PPE ? Personal Proceed Equipment? They are exposed????? Does that mean the military are at Risk and is okay because they are military personnel????? Corona False Pandemic! So many Testing camps on a virus they have No Test for? Pandemic = Hugr Money$$$$for the pharmaceutical industry/ and powers at B. The real pandemic was the 3.3. Trillion plus money stolen from the stock market! And they needed to create a distraction and This was it!!

  12. They want to kill color people, but they will also have to sacrifice some white, Latins and asians to achieve it.

  13. Waiting for the first millennial who will dare to stick a cell phone camera in the National Guards face and question them about their authority . "What is your bade number, call me a supervisor…am I being detained ? Go ahead and try punk….I will be eating the popcorn watching the show.

  14. Quarantine = Martial Law
    This is just a baby stage , just a test .
    Another devasteting one is coming soon !!

  15. Please do not believe the mainstream media. It just causes panic. Do your research. It’s all part of the plan they have. Research 5G technology. It will open your eyes.

  16. India oppresses Kashmir, Syria oppresses Palestine, God imposes curfew on the world. In the case of the virus, people still have time to apologize to God and stop oppressing God's creation. Commit to Freedom God will free you from the wrath of the United States, Israel, and other nations to take action against oppression so that God may have mercy on people.

  17. USA is mentally and physically the strongest nation on this planet
    I have full faith we shall all get our country out of this outbreak safe and sound.I have faith in our scientists and health officials and I know a vaccine or some cure shall soon become available
    People need to pay attention to the health experts and just follow the guidelines for prevention that’s all.
    I have noticed every one in my town has been very helpful and following the Shelter in place I am praying for everyone’s safety I have full faith will come out even stronger when this is all over !
    God bless America!!
    Wishing good health for all !!!

  18. 39 DEATHS????? LMAOOOO!!!!!
    500,000 per Year cigarettes
    80,000 per Year Flu
    150,000 per year Car acc
    2000 per year Police kill
    600,000 per Year Cancer
    1 million Per year Diabetes


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