Sports Themed Exercises | Workout to grow taller at home

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Our sports themed workout will enable you to grow taller at home, improve your speed, balance and agility. These 8 exercises will also develop your athletic ability and physique.

The workout includes:
1. Tennis – Side to side shuffle + volley
2. Hammer – Circle overhead and throw
3. Boxing – Four punch combination (Jab cross hook uppercut)
4. Canoeing – Oblique rows
5. Swimming – Swimmer planks
6. NFL – Fast feet + hit the deck
7. Volleyball – Squat + spike
8. Football – Tap the ball

This will leave the kids wanting more and the parents in a pool of sweat. While kids jump, play, laugh and move to our exercises that feel more like games; the adults get their daily dose of cardio by adding more rounds as recommended.

It’s the perfect activity to do for kids that stay at home.

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This real-time workout is hosted by Avinash Rajapet a.k.a Captain Fitbee, a name fondly given to him by his students. Avinash is the Co-Founder and Program Director of Fitness. He is a Certified Fitness Trainer specialising in Youth Fitness from the International Sports Science Association. Holding a black belt in Kung Fu, Avinash has conducted over 75 “self defence 101” sessions across multiple schools, companies and organisations in India reaching out to 10000+ people.

We are a team dedicated to bringing the concept of ‘fitness as a habit’ from a young age. The growing fast food industry in India and the world is a serious concern for the current generation of kids, and building a healthy foundation is important for raising children to be healthy adults. Parents and educators need to encourage kids to enjoy their fitness routine every day and instill a routine that will create long-lasting habits.

Always be wary of your surroundings. You agree that the use of this information is at your own risk and hold us harmless from and all liabilities, injuries, losses or damages resulting from any or all claims. All information provided by us is general in nature and is published only for recreational/educational/entertainment purposes only. Always take the advice of a medical professional pertaining to any health, nutrition or medical condition.


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2 responses to Sports Themed Exercises | Workout to grow taller at home

  1. I am aged 39 years and have been working out for past 6 years…can I do skipping without shows and knee protection and on bare foot..if not, then what should I wear.for proper skipping rope exercises


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