Should You Outsource Your Marketing Campaigns?

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As with everything, there are pros and cons of outsourcing marketing campaigns. You should consider outsourcing marketing activities when it will save you time. That is the most important pro to outsourcing after all – it allows you to spend more time on the big picture stuff.

Unfortunately, you give up a lot when you decide to outsource, as well. When I talk about in house marketing vs outsourcing, I always come back to the “passion problem.” I’ll come back to that concept later, but the basics are this: when you have someone else working for you, they aren’t going to put in the same level of care and love as you would.

In this video, I’ll go over the pros and cons of outsourcing marketing activities and whether or not you should. Outsourcing marketing activities can be great when you need more time to work on the big picture, but it comes at a bit of a cost. It’s a matter of resources. If you have money but need time and experience, you should consider outsourcing. Otherwise, it might not be for you.

You also have to consider if the hands off approach is right for you. You lose a significant amount of control when you outsource marketing activities, which is easier for some than for others. Even if the idea itself doesn’t bother you, you’ll have to be prepared to manage and communicate with a new team.

Outsourcing can have a profound impact on your business, as it can free up time for you to focus on the activities that are more relevant to your business. When you outsource, you open up the ability to sell more, scale better, document your processes, develop a network, and improve business relationships. These are all responsibilities you need to be handling as an owner and more time to focus on them will be important for you.

Before I give my final verdict on whether or not you should outsource, I feel compelled to point out an issue I have run into several times. The best agencies listen to their clients, but build the campaign based on what is best for their brand. This can lead to a strained relationship on both sides. You need to be able to set clear boundaries and expectations to make outsourcing effective.

But if you can handle that, then you should definitely consider outsourcing.
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9 responses to Should You Outsource Your Marketing Campaigns?

  1. So do you pay the free lancers from your cut from a client if so then where does the clients ad money go or how do you coordinate that with the freelancers to spend that ad money ?

  2. I'm in the process of hiring creatives and team members for my agency. I'm a little hesitant because I don't want to jump on the hiring process too fast. But I do need help because it's impossible for me to do it all myself.

  3. I’m personally not a big fan of outsourcing right from the start. I believe in being a practitioner in the game and doing the work. Learning everything first and doing it before outsourcing. But there will come a point where you have too much on your plate and you more than likely will need to outsource.

  4. I've been watching your channel for a while now. I decided to get started and reached out to 15 businesses. 5 have responded so far. Now i have to meet with them and close them. How much is your course right now?

  5. Jordan, I disappeared for awhile because life just gave me some big lemons. The The car dealership I was working for him doing marketing for, the general manager just left, and so the owner is asking me to take it over. So yeah it’s been a crazy couple of weeks man

  6. Yo man, love your stuff, you have been a great help as I get into this new industry/career…thanks! Question, did you ever cold call?


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