Sex trafficking isn't what you think it is | Meghan Sobel | TEDxMileHighWomen

“When I first started studying sex trafficking in 2008, I thought it mean girls were kidnapped and chained to beds,” explains Professor Meghan Sobel. Soon she realized that was the Hollywood version – not the reality. In order to combat sex trafficking effectively, we must first understand what it is.

Meghan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Regis University, where she teaches classes on international communication, public relations, and human rights. Meghan’s research focuses on the role of mass media in combating human rights abuses and humanitarian crises. She is also a certified cake decorator.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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39 responses to Sex trafficking isn't what you think it is | Meghan Sobel | TEDxMileHighWomen

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  2. Very informative video. Good on her for using the example of a boy being the victim as well, cos at the moment it seems as if society and the media etc view guys as the perpetrators and women as the victims. Where as in reality, abuse, exploitation etc happens to both genders.

  3. wow that guy is from Myanmar too, but I am lucky enough to have immigrated to another country. I feel for the victims, I feel for him, and it hurts me knowing that he’s from my country:/

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  5. What a brave and educational speech – I hope this can do some good and wake people up to what we can do to help these victims and put the perps in jail. Use our privilege to change things – that's what we CAN do. She went hard on the TRUTh about demand – and that looks tell a person nothing about who a person is who buys these "services" … good for her!

  6. Not only poverty or lack of free education in many countries, addiction is also the root of the problem… Addiction is an epidemic in the US

  7. It makes so much sense. Let's all try to end this problem which is a global problem, so far away and at the same time so near to each one of us, even here in Europe.

  8. People should learn how to properly speak out against this issue without saying "this is why I don't want a daughter"

  9. Ya if you have watched this and learnt something… please talk about this with your friends and educate them there will be stop of supplies if we don't want keep your kids safe listen to them speak to them

    And lastly be brave your are not afraid of anything are you?? Ask your self fight for children

  10. This is a subject that really needs to be talked about, so it's too bad they chose the least charismatic speaker possible for it.

  11. The cycle of generational and systemic poverty is so hard to break. I’m glad to hear Oi is going better, we need to make a change at large in the system.

  12. A very good talk, especially the part of the economic factors which have nothing to do with pimps using threats or grooming, but lead to the same results.
    The demand issue is pretty much a dead end though, given that this does not even work for other aspects of our society, such as politics and normal economic structures such as companies. IT might be possible to work towards a society where individuals have more scope to realize their aspirations and thus not need to resort to various coping mechanisms. But that contradicts the goals of the elite which wants to be able to do as they please, and keep the majority at a disadvantage, precisely in order to be able to exploit more effectively. The tails of such a distribution can be seen in aspects of our society such as human trafficking on the one hand, and apathy disengagement on the other, for example.

  13. Make prostitution legal and a lot of "trafficking" problems vanish. Of course, a libertarian approach makes too much sense. Can't grift and make money off of a problem that goes away.

  14. 4 years in year for 80 dollars!, theres an dude that literally kidnapp an 2 children for 6 weeks and took them to mexico, talking about aliens and that she had to give birth at 16 to save the world and almost made her kill her little sister because he told her lies and only spent 16 days in jail then went to an hospital for less than an year than turned around and kidnapped and child again for 4months and only got less than an year.

  15. this is a huge issue intertwined with governments, corrupt politicians that run deep into states and other countries.

  16. The only thing this is missing is that it gives this sense that this happens in asia but not in the west. This happens all over the world.


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