Directed by: Sang-ho Yeon
Release date: May 30, 2017 (US)(iTunes)

As the sun sets around Seoul Station, an old man thought to have died sinks his teeth into the warm flesh of a homeless person. Soon, the streets are filled with vicious zombies desperate to feed. Hae-sun, a runaway, witnesses the frightening sight while her father Suk-gyu and boyfriend desperately search for her. As the attacked become the attackers, the government declares a lock out of the station, leaving the uninfected to struggle desperately against the dangerous undead. With zombie numbers exploding, people without a home to return to, now have to flee without a place to run to, in order to survive.

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36 responses to SEOUL STATION (2017) Official US Trailer (HD) ANIMATED TRAIN TO BUSAN PREQUEL

  1. why are they scared there is no work in a zombie apocolypse and for kids they are happy cause there is no school

  2. Seok Gyu – Yong Seok
    Hye Seon – Jin Hee
    Ki Woong – Yeong Guk
    Mr Lee – Seok Woo
    Mr Jeong – Sang Hwa
    Mr Kim – Ki Cheol
    Old Man – KTX Conductor
    Inn Landlady – Jong Gil
    Pharmacist – In Gil
    Police Chief – Train Team Leader

  3. Cartoons used to be fun and innocent entertainment for children. We sure have come a LOOOONG way.

    Well-done animation anyway.

  4. Hey did anyone think that the creator of this is also the creator of Godzilla monster planet or is this just random :/

  5. This one wasn't scary at all. I think it wasn't scary because of the animation. Animated movies can be scary, but this one just didn't work too much. And if you're looking to watch it, it's on some anime sites.

  6. This movie is more than a zombie breakout.

    The zombies were the least depressing thing about this movie.

    Full marks for this film.


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