SEO for Single Page Apps | WMConf Lightning Talks

Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, goes over how to ensure your Single Page App is discoverable via Google Search. He also explains what a Single Page App is and what to look out for when building them.

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Fixing JavaScript issues in Search →

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35 responses to SEO for Single Page Apps | WMConf Lightning Talks

  1. Subtitles are available in Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese and English for this video. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and select Subtitles/CC from the menu.

  2. The remarks made about having the right code in place are very important in our eyes. With every build we do we continuously check that the correct code is written so that our web pages show up as they should.

  3. Hi, my web site is made on google site and linked with my purchased domain. Problem is my website is not showing on google search, please advice.

  4. great information, thanks for making it. I run a digital marketing agency and would love to network with you.

  5. A long-awaited video. Am looking for the solution for javascript loaded content in single page apps. Thanks for in-depth explanation with example.

  6. Would an ecommerce SPA be at disadvantage to 'compete' against traditionally-built websites (i.e. php / java) because of the fact that Google doesn't crawl JS on the first wave?

  7. Sorry everyone, you had such a great opportunity to go in depth on a very important and difficult matter. I think you guys blew it. You have to understand some thing about single page JavaScript apps, they are mostly created by very gifted and talented programmers and they need specific help to get the sites and pages indexed.

    You’re not dealing with somebody who wants to run a blog or a diary and helping them, which was reflective in the shallowness of this video.

    This should’ve easily been a 60 minute training with very good examples from real world websites and taken questions as well.

    You’re better than that. I could name six multibillion dollar companies that have single page apps and they will not be indexed on Google… these people need help.

  8. SEO considerations for SPAs, what a great and very overdue topic to discuss. Thanks for hosting! @Martin – you referenced a use case where one runs the Mobile Friendly Test and finds that the primary content is not rendered in the preview. I've run into this and similar issues many times before.

    While Google has built a number of tools to help "spot check" crawling/rendering issues (GSC Live Test Screenshot, Mobile Friendly Test etc), it is not clear whether they fully represent the experience Googlebot will encounter. Should Live Test and/or Mobile Friendly Test render previews be taken as literal examples of the experience Googlebot gets or used only directionally? If the latter, this may warrant its own "SEO Mythbusting" episode (and/or upgrades to the tools that exist).

    Crawling and rendering dynamic content is obviously a broad topic. SPA's etc are obviously growing in popularity and with it a growing need for tools and common workflows SEOs/webmasters can use to qualify whether their web experiences can be successfully accessed and processed by Googlebot and other search engines.

    Thanks for supporting the community!

  9. Sounds like some JavaScript developers need to learn how to create a, one page runs all, CMS (Content Management System) like this one =>

  10. On thing I constantly see SPAs handling of URL params. Marketers will bombard you until their params can be digested and sent to the other tools.

  11. Excited to see this presentation , thanks for taking the time to make these video I appreciate them immensely. #chrispalmerseo

  12. Thank you for joining our 6th Lightning Talk premiere & live Q&A! Look forward to the next Lightning Talk (on Removals from Google, hosted by Daniel Waisberg) in just a few weeks!


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