Saris MP1 Nfinity Motion Platform Review & Detailed Testing

Full in-depth review here:

Here’s your complete review of the Saris MP1 Infinity Motion Platform. I start from transportation of the thing, to unboxing, setup, configuration, and even compatibility. I mount a Wahoo KICKR, Tacx NEO, Elite Suito, and a Saris H3 trainer. Plus even trying out the KICKR Bike and other indoor smart bikes.

I go through the pros and cons of a motion platform, plus details like the price and where the product might fall a little bit short.

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47 responses to Saris MP1 Nfinity Motion Platform Review & Detailed Testing

  1. Hey folks – thanks for watching! Oh, and if you want even more technical details, then hit up the written review as well:

  2. I own a Kickr Bike and just got my Saris MP1. Actually, you can also fix the front section of the Kickr Bike by taking off the two straps and the fixation screws from the front wheel block, passing the screw through the whole in the strap and putting to spacers onto the screw (one above and one below the strap). Then you can put the screw into one of the rails in the front of the MP1 on each side and you then fix the front section of the Kickr Bike. One can see this for the TACX Bike just after the Kickr Bike section of the video, but you did not seem to try this on the Kickr Bike. In any case, the straps should be right after the hole in rails in order to not have the weight of the Kickr Bike sit on the screw and damage it. Seems pretty firm to me. Without this, I feel too much movement in the front when sprinting, as the Saris surface is more slippery than the mat it usually sits on.

  3. Hey Ray I know this is older video but have had the MP1 (20% off rei) for 3 months now and love it. Thinking about getting a Neo2t with it. Do you think it would be too much motion using both? Currently have a H3 but 3rd one en-route with warranty claim.

  4. I think your point of the bike normally leaning the opposite way of the pedal stroke while out of the saddle is fundamentally wrong. I believe that it's your body pushing the bike the other way in order to keep your balance, which is exactly the same you've got to do on the MP1. The only difference is that you probably gotta do it intentionally.

  5. Love the fact that you used a cargo bike to carry the device to your home, including taking your child at the same time!! I don't own a cargo bike yet but I want much to have one!!

  6. This thing seems close to be totally awesome. I'd pay $1200 if it also controlled incline without having to remove your front wheel. It seems like that feature could be integrated into the feet. Add a little steering block under the front wheel and…. SCORE.

  7. Looks like it’s basically hand made, so hence the high cost (and high quality). If they could sub this out to a vendor that does high volume manufacturing, then they might get close to the $600 pp, which I agree is the sweet spot for this kind of device.

  8. Thanks for the review.
    I have the MP1 and it is expensive but is a bit of a gamechanger.
    The front back motion is amazing.
    I have a Tacx neo and bought 2 additional Velcro straps for the trainer which made the unit much more solid.

  9. It's a real shame that you can't control resistance side-to-side. That's a massive fail, especially at that price point, and something that the DIY projects which use inner tubes can do very well.

  10. I can see why it’s expensive, I think it’s unrealistic to expect a big bit of kit like that to be inexpensive but you’re gonna have to be really dedicated to your indoor training to pay north of a grand for it. I want one, it looks so cool, but I couldn’t justify it to myself

  11. I got a Saris Bones Bike rack. Beautiful and well made solid construction. Fits perfectly to my Yaris and Qashqai. Bet their trainer platform will be solid as well. At the price range better buy P2M for both my bikes……..

  12. I remember reading a bunch of your articles a long time ago and never realized you had a youtube channel. This is like the 3rd or 4th video I've binge watched tonight hahaha.

  13. After watching this video,I can easily see closet handymen making better motion platform from there garage .Good video review though!

  14. Did I wake up in year 2300 and we're trying to make gadgets so living on Mars in climate controlled bubbles more tolerable?

  15. I completely agree with this review. I've checked this out and it totally makes sense. It adds just enough motion into your training ride to help take the edge off your body. I'm in favor of the product but could never justify the price tag. Good honest review 👍

  16. Cool ! You are living in the Netherlands 👍🏻 That must be because of the, by far, best infrastructure for bikes in the world !


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