Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Hands-on | laptop samsung notebook 9

Samsung debuts a redesigned Notebook 9 Pro for 2019. The chassis has been overhauled, featuring diamond-cut edges across its metal shell and smaller bezels.

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29 responses to Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Hands-on | laptop samsung notebook 9

  1. It is better to make hot air output to the side bcs you can hold the computer on your body
    It is also essential for companies to evolve in direction of putting powerful graphics chip into this type of devices bcs gaming is the best thing user can do on computer…

  2. I have the samsung notebook 9 pro as well, but, your S pen is different from the one I have, mine is smaller and goes right into the laptop like the galaxynote9 phone.

  3. Guy, I just want to say thank you SO much for not doing a single "tsk" in your video. Whether it was through a deliberate attempt to not do it, or just good editing, I really appreciate it. If y'all don't know what I'm talking about, I mean that annoying sound a lot of YouTubers make at the beginning or end of a sentence, or even in the middle when catching a breath or just a pause.

  4. I hate it when non tech normies review tech gadgets. Look buddy if you want to rate something as good cause of its "design" go review abstract art instead. There you can tell us all about your ideal design language whatever defuq that means.

  5. Guys please tell me… I have a Macbook Pro 2017 i5 which gets hot even from watching 10min streams on Fb… will the samething happen with this samsung laptop or not?

  6. Can someone please tell me the difference between this laptop and the Notebook 9 Pen?

    Comparing equivalent models, you can get a 13.3'' Pro with 16gb ram vs the Pen that comes with 8gb. Somehow the Pro costs LESS than the Pen.
    Link for Pro:
    Link for Pen:–np930sbe-k01us/

    I think the Pen has a bit tighter bezels (according to the images I saw), UFS support, and 4.5W speakers, but when you factor RAM difference, Idk if it tells the whole story. I feel like the Pen has a bunch of circuitry dedicate to reduced pen latency and maybe display hardware that is more precise or something. Anyone know more on this? No information on Samsung's Product site or Newsroom.
    Tried their support chat for an hour and the dude didn't even know that he was giving me specs for last gen. Zzz

  7. THey can make bezelless phones and thin bezels on their tv's but they cant make thin bezels all around their laptop screen? thats just stup1d isnt

  8. I can drive my car on the chin of this laptop. Poor design, brain dead product.
    Hey guys! Try to learn something before buy it….


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