Sadhguru – Why we are on this planet? By accident or by design of super power?

Why we are on this planet? By accident or by design of super power? -The solar system, so as the other universal systems, the galaxies, they are all happening …


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29 responses to Sadhguru – Why we are on this planet? By accident or by design of super power?

  1. his answer is different than the question, i didn't get it
    Theory of Evolution isn't makes monkeys of us …

  2. But still you have not given exact answer why we are here and what is the purpose of our existence..
    can anybody answer this to me in a better way

  3. IF the Earth is FLAT and we are NOT on a planet but on a plane … Would this not invalidate Sadhguru's statement?

  4. Sadhguru, we live on the Earth and it is absolutely motionless, it has never moved and it is going anywhere. You say the earth goes around the sun. It is the other way around, the Sun circles above the earth and it is only about 3,000 miles away. The earth is not a planet, it is a flat motionless plane. The sun, the moon, the wandering stars (now called planets) and the fixed stars of all 88 constellations all revolve around the flat plane of the earth, once every 24 hours. Most people on earth have been systematically lied to for about 400 years. You and everyone on earth have never felt the earth spinning, because it is stationary. You and everyone on earth have never felt the combined total speed of modern pseudo science's claim that we hurtle around "outer space" at 67,000,000,000,000 miles per hour.

  5. In Hindu mythology, human life is the only life where you can achieve Moksha and submit yourself to higher conciousness by awakening kundalini shakti.

    I think sadhguru didnt complete his answer but he was getting there. Only Humans can awaken kundalini since they have enough intelligent brain and straight spine to do so. All evolutionary process of life was to let humans be formed in correct specifications. And now we must strive to achieve moksha and hence go out of cycle of life n death. And set ourselves free.

  6. No this is not complete conversation.. he did say why are we here… It was not an accident… This is evolution.. We are the final evolution…. But science says next level is really scary there r few already present now.. we might call them freaks but they r not it's evolution we must accept it

  7. It would be easier for him to say God crested us ? In two minutes . Mysteries still abound . And no we don’t have snake brains or we were half monkey or from fish . Species evolve but don’t change into other species . Science proves this by chromosomes not matching up . Darwin theory was just that . A theory

  8. As with other religions nothing of value given, just give you false hopes. Stop looking to man to tell you about God an listen to the Feeling in your Heart where God is an the reason we're all connected..

  9. I observe that the woman's reproductive cycle coincides with the lunar cycles, but that does not mean the lunar cycles cause the reproductive cycle. In other words, the moon has no power to give reproductive abilities to the female sex. it is just that all conceivable things have cyclic existence and the innumerable cycles of all conceivable things will eventually coincide in one context or another. That is all.

    It is like saying the cycle of the sun and moon causes humans to go to sleep each day and night, but it does not. We go to sleep when we get tired and wake up when we are done resting or are awakened by external causes beyond natural biology. some people require less sleep than others, even Sadguru has said, he sleeps only a couple of hours a day… which has zero relation to the night/day cycle durations.

    Furthermore, if women's reproductive abilities/cycles were dependent on the moon, then it follows that if women astronauts went to the moon for over months ..where there are no moon cycles in relation to the Earth, they would become barren…and not be able to reproduce. This, obviously would be an absurd statement or suggestion. Then if you say the women's cycles would be powered by the Earth cycles… it cannot be both ways.

    Therefore, I disagree on this point with Sadhguru.

  10. what singing was on the end? can somebody send me link for more? it was … very interesting and pleasant … thank you

  11. Who is the avatar of microbial life? Because they were here first and longest and all else came from them. The first expression beyond the sight of the ancients.


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