Portfolio strategies to capitalise on the next phase of growth in junior mining

• After a prolonged period of underinvestment in juniors to what extent is investor appetite improving?
• How to identify the next generation of successful companies?
• Where should companies focus their business efforts to win over investors in 2020?
• How has the lending environment evolved? What key role do banks now play in the capital raising mix for juniors?
• How will smaller companies meet evolving ESG criteria with limited funds available?
• Investor’s thoughts on commodities set to outperform in the next 12 months

Verne Grinstead, Senior Advisor, ANRH
Mark Sawyer, Senior Partner, Greenstone Capital
Peter Major, Director, Mining, Mergence
John Hodder, Co-Founder & MD Australia, Tembo Capital
Mandi Dungwa, Portfolio Manager, Equities, Kagiso Asset Management

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