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Having trouble getting people to remember who are you? Here are 3 simple steps to fix that.

1. Identify the keywords that you want your name to be synonymous with.

Similar to Pavlov’s social experience where he wanted to train dogs to have an automated triggered response anytime a bell rings, your objective here is to get people to think of YOU anytime they hear a particular word or set of words.

2. Have a point of view

We live in a sea of content – so what makes you different? Having a stance and a unique position is a great way to separate yourself from your peers. It immediately signals that you have an authoritative outlook and can articulate a new way of thinking.

3. Create your own personal style guide

Show off who you are with your unique color & tone. Nothing says ‘this is me’ like seeing a graphic with your font, colors, and imagery that just feels right. Also, given we’re very visual creatures, it’s a great way for people to start to recognize your style. (like an architect or artist!)



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