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42 responses to Peninsula (2020): Train to Busan 2 | Come with me | Mini Review Reaction | Spoiler free

  1. I agree that it's a clumsy movie but the scenes where they're speaking english are because one character's korean while the other is chinese

  2. The first 40 minutes looked promising; I was like "yeah, it's gonna be a massive hit for my heart (if not in the entire globe)" . And then, as you "progress" through, it gets worse and worse. My headache progressed, but the story didn't. All the characters were lame. For the sake of my few bucks spent on buying the ticket, I sat until the end. Just a month or two back, I had watched Intruder (K-movie) in the same premises,and boy!! I wanted to stand up and sing the Korean national anthem out of deep reverence to the actors and all those involved in the movie making industry….well, I want to take all that back now …🤪🤪🤪

  3. did they show how the virus started? was the virus in a lab???? are they like the world war z zombies and i seen the first movie i cried 3 times watching the film 3 times.

  4. i disagree in the sense that the first 30 minutes are probably the best parts of the movie, once they transition to the four years later it just became such a muddled mess of a movie with WAY too many CGI car scenes.

  5. This movie is a mix of the worst fast and furious movie with a discarded episode of walking dead. Every character is a caricature, two dimensional and laughable. The two little girls are the only thing worth a damn in this movie but everything else is so bad that it is an insult that it shares a name and a universe with the first Train to Busan, which to me was the best zombie movie ever.
    When i read the name, i thought the movie would be at the same time as train to busan but in a ship and that it would have the same claustrophobic feeling and suspense mixed with high tension heart stopping scenes of running for your life in such a cramped space, trying to survive.
    Needless to say i will go on for the rest of my life pretending this movie doesn't exist.

  6. I was so hyped up for the sequel and what i got was this stupid cgi dumb plot movie as if am playing need for speed on ps 4..really dissapointed..i want to forget that this is even related to train to busan..

  7. Trust me, if you can understand Korean, the movie is even worse. The acting was disgustingly bad and the writing was a pure trash. The most Koreans are saying "The movie was just disgusting." "Yeon Sang-ho is done. He was just lucky with Train to Busan. He's proving it again and again and again." "I knew this was gonna happen." "The movie is over the top in every single sense. He doesn't know how to direct a movie properly." "Oh no, not this dumb shit again." "What was he gonna even make out of this shitty movie? What was his intention? What the f is this?" "And now, the audience from overseas will watch this unbelievable trash, I can't wait."

    And you know what, I left the theater just after 30 minutes in. That's when I saw the kid driving scene. That was it. I don't even know what happened next. That car driving scene with the weirdly picked music and the terrible editing with the whole face switching scene, that was it.

  8. Just seen it, and I would give it a C+. It's a pretty forgettable film, and I don't think I'll ever watch it again. A lot of action, but very melodramatic in some parts.

  9. To me it felt like they were going for a mad max meets escape from new york type of deal. I also love franchises where each movie is wildly different and I thought the movie was hilarious and a pleasant surprise as the trailer was terrible. Maybe the first movie is better though, you make some great points. Still this year has been so tragic with awful movies so maybe it looked like up to me

  10. I was very disappointed in this sequel. They should have taken the prequel anime movie (Seoul Station) and turned that into live action. At least that was a better movie with a better story.

  11. I agree with your review! I recommend the movie actually, but as a standalone movie for someone who wants an action zombie movie. Just as long as the expectations are different from the first

  12. The same director made a prequel or something similar, an animated film set in the same universe called Seoul Station. Wish the sequel was similar to this.

  13. Peninsula is a Standalone Sequel:(Which it doesn't have the Original Characters from-Train to Busan:(2016). Well, even this movie is bad because they used CGI Visual Effects which it looks like a Cutscenes from a Video Game but it doesn't really matter. I actually have fun with it. It's a Decent Fun Action-Horror Flick with Awesome Fight and Battle Scenes combine together with Zombies and Humans alongside with Amazing Heart-Pumping Finale involving Car Chases and Shootouts. I really love Train to Busan but i have fun the second one.

  14. Hey Emma, great video, i kind of expected it to be u know a very different experience to the first one that was incredible…saw the first one at a Festival wen it first came out and luvd it, i dont know if i'm totally hyped for it but it sounds interesting and will definitely see it…..I live in Ireland and cinema opening next week, i don't see Train to Busan 2 on though, which is a pity but unlike where u are unless it has changed since this video…Ireland still not safe enuf really for cinemas at least for me and people i know…hope there will be a Vod release at some stage….i dont know if u have seen it but i got 'Sputnik' the Russian film on Vod last weekend and it was so gud, small movie but the effects wer great and it was so intense…obviously movies are subjective but i think u might like it…take care of urself, luv ur top horror film videos, stay beautiful, stay safe, much luv from Ireland….

  15. It isn't as good as the first one. It's a cross between Land of the Dead + Mad Max. The ending is really cheesy!
    AND it is quite political… if you are well versed in today's political climate.

  16. Miss that theater experience. We aren't allowed this is America because our citizens are unable to comply with basic safety precautions…

  17. Something strange here. Kinda typical. People like the first movie and disappointed on the second movie.
    You can compare with people that like their highschool/college time beter than the life after.
    Also the same happens with the PS4 game The last of us 1 and 2.
    In my opinion people are wrong/blind. People opinions got me thinking they want Part1 keep happening forever.

    It wont be part2 if the movie is the same from part1.
    I dont think they made Peninsula as a sequel from part1. Just another story from the same world.
    Thats why they dont called Train to Busan 2.
    Low budget movie, of course. Part1 is also low budget movie. Is not Hollywood you know.

    The story is NOT weird. The zombie outbreak is not worldwide yet in this movies.
    So money in other country still has value. As a fugitive that lost everything, they need money.
    Because as refuge on other country, live is shit.
    The south Korean cannot go back to their country(yet). So they need the money to start a good life on another country.
    Its also not that strange if in this story still allot of money and gold left over in banks.
    Random story happens all the time on movies. But not impossible. Also mostly unavoidable.
    If you want deeper story than it would be not a movie but a TV serries.

    Its not cheesy. You just cannot adapt to other than Hollywood or western movie.
    If this movie focusing about zombie again, its kinda boring. We all know about zombie. So many zombie movie out there.
    So this movie is more about people than zombie. People is also bad. Its easy to be a bad people than a good one. Specially at that situation.

    You said "Doesn't make much sense…." Which parts?????

  18. Just got back from seeing this.. What a let down! It’s basically just your typical run of the mill action film.
    Oh and I totally agree with you about the English parts. You could tell they were trying to cater to a wider audience but like you said it was so random and just felt out of place.

  19. Dissatisfied with Peninsula, it didn't have the same emotional hits that it did in the first movie. Peninsula is a straight up action movie meets zombie movie, but it's really lacking characters to grow attached to.

  20. I just came home from seeing this ! I agree with you on everything pretty much but where you maybe don’t like it I think i do. It lost me in the third act def so I feel like I need to see it again and that would be the decider. On to relic next 🌝

  21. I didn't have high expectations for the sequel, I loved the first way too much so nothing would have topped it for me. But I think I'll still enjoy it so I'm glad that I've not got myself way too excited for it! 🙂

  22. Yeah do “Come with me” reviews. I didn't know that there’s a part two of Train to Busan. Did Dean liked it? I know he likes action movies more than you do lol

  23. New here and I'm from Melbourne and love horror and other genres I was really wanted to see this but cinemas are shut in Melbourne which is sad hope you liked it

  24. Great review. I loved the prologue of the film but after that it just dissolved into the generic zombie movie we've all seen a hundred times. Enjoyable but nothing new, like Train to Busan was.

  25. Emma, to my understanding and according to several pages that I read, Peninsula was never made as a sequel of Train to Busan, but made as part of 'the world' of Train to Busan. That would mean they want to make several movies, but not connected one to each other.. Haven't watched it yet..

  26. I’ve been working my ass off trying to get my channel off the ground. Could you guys give me any advice on how to get anyone to see my channel. I really respect what you are doing and I just really want to be apart of the horror channel community.

  27. Bro.. how did you watch this? What platform did you use? I don’t want to watch it for free. I want to support the people who made this but it was supposedly going to release on the aug 7th in North America.. I can’t watch it anywhere!!!!


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