Oppo Watch Review: Apple Watch for Android?

Does Android finally have an Apple Watch alternative in the form of the #OppoWatch?

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27 responses to Oppo Watch Review: Apple Watch for Android?

  1. dont give shit man…i dont think you came across fossil gen 5 smart watch which is powerful and lag free unlike other wear os smart watches and the best part about it is it's circular design that reflects the traditional watch design.. Coming to the features the os is buttery smooth , can answer calls from the watch itself because of its inbuilt speaker and mic which is less likely available in the present day smart watches. One can reply even to the watsapp messages directly from the watch. Coming the design again the watch is made of stainless steel unlike this shit oppo which is made of cheap aluminum and that glossy finish doesn't make it look any better..Aadha research karke aagaya review dene…🤬🤬

  2. Samsung S20 Ultra के साथ Galaxy Buds + Oppo watch bluetooth के साथ दोनो एक साथ use कर सकते है क्या….???

  3. कुछ features मे मुझे कमी लगी जैसे…..
    2-Body Temp.
    4-Blood Oxy
    5-BP moniter etc etc……

    क्यू नही दिए कंपनी ने…..???

  4. भाई 46mm Glossy Gold market में avliable nahi है…….???
    Online भी koi E-Commerce मे भी avliable नही है……

  5. There’s a issue while u connect oppo watch with any iphone (ios) device u can’t able to receive a call or make a call from watch which we can say a big cons. I suggest that please make a video with connecting a oppo watch to iphone


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