Oppo Watch Review: A great copycat

Here’s my review of the Oppo Watch!

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7 responses to Oppo Watch Review: A great copycat

  1. You never mentioned the Samsung Tizen smart watches…which, at least in my personal use, are head & shoulders above any Wear OS watches available…though in all honesty, it's been almost a year since I've had one. They have all been similar in that no matter how big the battery, they have poor life by the end of the day (if any) and they stutter, glitch and just plain hiccup when you least expect it…but after a while, you train yourself to do just that because it happens so often. The Tizen watches I've owned, and that includes the Gear S2, Gear S3, the Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3…they have virtually none of these issues. No stutter or lag, and are reliable when you need them most. For android, I have yet to find a comparable smart watch that competes…but I'm excited that the Oppo Watch just might be the Wear OS model to finally do it.

  2. Hi ! I saw some users reporting battery life problems…without using with activities, the battery drains in 7-8 hours…it’s true ?


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