Oppo Watch is Oppo’s first smartwatch with e-SIM, ECG monitor, heart rate monitor, heartbeat monitor and fitness trackers. 1.9in curved AMOLED display, waterproof, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, Snapdragon 2500 chipset.

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48 responses to OPPO Watch – HANDS ON & FIRST LOOK

  1. Hey, I like your videos.

    Is it also possible to connect this watch with WLAN at home? Or only with this esim card internet?

  2. It looks great but… damn!… that form factor is such an Apple copy! Why cannot they come up with something original & innovative just like they do with smartphones?

  3. Everything is ok, but somebody could show us how the apps works on this smartwatch. I mean Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Maps, etc.

  4. So what if it looks like an apple watch, people need to get over it, if you like it then buy it, if you dont like it then don't it's really that simple, stop comparing.

  5. This is aimed at people who can’t afford to be a part of the Apple ecosystem but want the same great design on cheaper android. Oppo should atleast try and be original.

  6. Nice, but too thick. Every wath with more than 9mm is uncomforatble and ugly nowadays.

  7. watches are just a small phone on a band… is now everything that is a rounded square on your wrist a copycat of whoever did that first? (there is no patent or anything like that cause it was never considered novel or special – that alone should tell you this is a ridicules argument) but even if so, why do you say they copied apple? because the apple watch is well known? yea. were they first? no. were they second? no. third? still no. there were tons of squared "smart"-watches before that and even those werent super novel. But sure after apple did something everyone else is just a copycat. clearly.

  8. Thief, copy cat. When you are a imitator you can never be innovative because all your efforts are put into reverse engineering. Respect. Respect needs to be earned

  9. I switched to OPPO phone after sticking with Samsung for a very long time. Oppo could be the next big thing. I only realised that they are bringing a smart watch after buying Fitbit versa 2. Oppo puts a lot of effort in their stuff so it worth giving them a try…


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