With a powerful Nor’easter set to bring up to a foot and a half of snow to the tristate area, the New York City Department of Sanitation issued a snow alert for Wednesday.

And in a first this year because of circumstances created by the pandemic, the snow alert will force restaurants to shut down outdoor dining areas that are in the street.

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23 responses to "OPEN THE RESTAURANTS!" Owners SPEAK OUT In New York City | NewsNOW From FOX

  1. "Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger’s Club to Operate While Barber Loses License".
    "Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Sends Armed Police To Shut Down Black Baptist Church"
    Fornication, Abortion, Booze, and Marijuana, government are essential. Church isn’t, if that doesn’t show us who we are dealing with nothing will…

  2. Cuomo and his 'elite' will have zero sympathy on the people. He's governing NY communist style…keep the people poor and stupid so they can't stand up for themselves. They want total control of the people and make you beg for everything, even your rights and your freedom. It's just so sad to see people begging in order to keep their businesses alive. And this is happening in The Land of the Free? Wake up people! You have trusted the wrong people and the wrong team.

  3. Stop voting for the left and stop screaming at the sky in face of injustice – ACT. All go back to work and let's see if there is enough cops to drag you to jail. THAT would make headlines, at least.

  4. What's SAD about this your government has an agenda to accomplish and it ain't GOOD and if y'all do not see the bigger picture I feel sorry for ya'll.

  5. Democrats have cheated for many years in our elections, we know that now! But you must STOP voting Democrat… PERIOD, never again can you continue to vote for these evil believers and sell outs!! Democrats are for POWER AND CONTROL!

  6. Don't give up restaurant businesses in New York, and around USA. Open the restaurants. WE support our restaurants in Texas. We know they are suffering and struggling. Don't give up!!!!

  7. To all the fake news media and their incompetent ankers. What question does your wives and kids asked you everyday, "honey or moron, so how many lies did you broadcast today" do your families believe anything your guys / girls say and I suppose your annual wage increment is calculate based on the biggest and best lie you told and does your family believe when you say how much you love and care for them?. Why Don,t you guys rather show you are better by start reporting proper and factual news. I am surprised your networks which I refuse to watch is still in business. Last question, can any of you give 5 reasons why you have all this hatred towards TRUMP?.

  8. Yeah right, politians love to talk, they are like cafe poets. My fellow New Yorkers, you voted for Biden at large. Have you heard, he is planning more shutdowns? You voted for a man he predicts "a dark winter." Scary! This sounds like a gothic movie! Sadly, you're living it now and it's not even January. They are closing small businesses across the country! COVID-19 kills but not to the degree that your businesses are shutdown!


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