One Piece Chapter 976 Reaction – ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF!!! ワンピース

The fish stick jokes have officially come to an end. He back folks! This war is about to get very interesting now that THAT MAN has returned to the crew in their mission to defeat Kaido at Onigashima!

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29 responses to One Piece Chapter 976 Reaction – ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF!!! ワンピース

  1. Dude why not read it on Viz media Shounen jump app on Sundays it's free and legal and supporting the industry, plus this translation is dog shit

    Support the industry man

  2. With the addition of jinbes bounty The strawhat Crew officialy Surpassed 3 Billion Bounites and the grand Fleet is at around 4.2 Billion

  3. Doesn't have to be Bonney…have you forgot that we have a very "mature" kunoichi with our group! What you think about Momo getting "matured" by Shinobu?!

  4. I realized I said Ace instead of Law at the start. That's how much I've missed One Piece to the point where the Haki obliterated my remaining brain cells LMAO

  5. The Knight of the sea. I am literary crying thinking how many times Jimbei saves luffy's life. In marineford against akainu.. in Fishman giving blood to luffy. Jimbei is just a great character. A true Boss.

  6. I screamed so loud when jinbei showed up i scared my parents that they came rushing to my room , yes i got yelled at but it did not matter because JINBEI IS BACK ALIVE AND LOOKING BETTER THAN EVER!

  7. Back to back Laz. So happy that Jinbe is official straw hat with the panel and everything. I can now say with my chest that my fifth or sixth favourite character is a straw hat. Can’t wait for the 3rd commander epicness. Law and Kids crew have nothing on Luffy’s. The straw hats are so stacked.

  8. Law must have used Room Surgery on Killer and removed Smiles fruit from his intestines, he might be recovering in Kid's ship, aiming to join battle.

  9. Jinbe and Sun Pirates were in the middle of ocean when fighting Big Mom army…against a family of devil fruit users, the sea itself is the home court advantage of fishman warriors. Even if Oven can boil the sea with his hands, not even if he can submerge which fishmen can do anytime. Once underwater, the Sun Pirates can escape the reach of BM army!

  10. Hold the fuck up laz, brook has seen kaidos dungeon with the road stone and all the strange dolls!!!! Could that be a reference to what he saw

  11. It’s been days, months or even years but finally, our boi, our helmsman, our Knight of the Sea, Jinbe, has come back to the Straw Hats! So glad he finally returns and yeah, I do wonder how he was able to escape Whole Cake Island and the entire ordeal with Big Mom but I’m so happy that he’s back now! Love how Law and Kidd are so shocked but pissed at the same time by the fact that Luffy got an ex Shichibukai as a crew member! 😀


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