On The Moon (온더문) – Sulli (설리) [HAN/ROM/ENG COLOR CODED LYRICS]

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━ Song : On The Moon
━ Album : Goblin
━ Artist : Sulli
━ Released Date : 2019.29.06

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설리 고블린
설리 온더문
설리 고블린 가사
설리 온더문 가사
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22 responses to On The Moon (온더문) – Sulli (설리) [HAN/ROM/ENG COLOR CODED LYRICS]

  1. Its already 1 year since she left this cruel world . I hope she already find her peace im still praying for her. I miss this lovely girl . 😔

  2. I’m still hurt I love you sulli I MISS YOU, I hope you’re happy now I just love you so much my strong girl 💖✨

  3. This song comforts me alot,
    I really miss sulli
    This year without her has been hard, I really need her back. Why does god always take the people I love away?!

  4. its been a year since shes gone, oh how i find this song is such a healing to me, a song that is so perfect to listen to before going to sleep after a long day. thank you, choi jinri #Remember_Sulli

  5. I don't understand the meaning but why am I crying? #RipSulli

  6. i'm still here my angel… your voice always comfort me when i'm sad and crying. i need to be strong. it's been almost a year since you're not with us anymore and i just really really want to believe that you're happy now.
    to everyone who's reading this: please, don't give up. you might not know this now, but there will always be at least one person who have faith in you, who wants you to live, who will be sad if you die. i know it's hard but keep your head up, YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS AND NO ONE CAN TELL YOU OTHERWISE. you're beautiful inside and outside.

  7. gosh i miss her so much 🙁 right now i’m going through bad times, but i'm glad that i can listen to her songs, her voice is so heartwarming and always helps me to feel better. thank you sulli for creating such masterpieces, you don’t have idea on how much they help me <3

  8. an entire year soon without you my baby 우리 소중한 설리 너무 너무 보고 싶고 곧 볼 거예요

  9. Am I the only one that wants to put my earphones one and start riding a bike along the city while whistling along this song.

  10. It's a beautiful song my angel you did great I wish we could know the meaning of this song soon 🙁 sarang hae from peach 🍑

  11. Love this song. Just heard it for the first time. I seriously miss Sulli so much and I seriously cannot believe in a few weeks it will be a full year since she has been gone. Even though i did not know her personally, when she took her own life, it felt like someone I knew personally took their own life. It really devastated me and I miss her so much like if she was someone I knew personally in my life.


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