Oh My God (Stay Home Edition) | Kaiser Chiefs

Recorded at home by Kaiser Chiefs. Mixed by Chris Leckie @ Magic Badger Studios. Video also by Chris Leckie.

#stayhome #protectthenhs

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23 responses to Oh My God (Stay Home Edition) | Kaiser Chiefs

  1. This will always be a little bit special for me as it was my birthday that they 'released it.' It was the first thing I saw that morning because a friend sent it to me like 'Happy Birthday, look what your boys have done!' ha! It will always have my birthday as the date on it too, the fan girl in me is happy about that. 🙂

  2. Another song that I like about the time we spend in our homes because of 👸🧟 Oh my God I can't belive it, all the books that I've read so far!

  3. Wow… love the way you’ve jazzed this up! Totally relevant and performed better than ever! A song for the sign of the times.

  4. Someone needs to explain the difference between bacteria and viruses to you guys…..yes I guess it’s easier to find rhymes for bacteria but it is a virus we are dealing with.


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