‘NYC is Dead Forever’ author responds to Seinfeld, 'Don't know why he attacked me'

Entrepreneur and writer James Altucher argues New York City can’t survive when every business is closing and citizens are leaving.

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26 responses to ‘NYC is Dead Forever’ author responds to Seinfeld, 'Don't know why he attacked me'

  1. He is like Ellen Degen. Guys a shallow scrub in real life. Kinda like the TV preachers of old. Listen to anyone that actually knows the guy.

  2. The author got some really good points, he is saying everything based on real facts.., seinfield is acting like a pissed off baby..

  3. Look at his eyes. Bugged out. Diblasi and Cuomo ( both of them ) need to go TRUMP 🇺🇸 2020. Jerry call George and Kramer because N.Y. is def not the same.

  4. Jerry Seinfeld has lost touch with most Americans. He lives in an elitest world and can no longer respect
    what most Americans have to go through every day just to make a living and take care of their family.

  5. "entrepreneur and writer"…so unemployed. Unemployed person and part-time Rick Moranis impersonator, James Altucher argues that blah blah blah…That's how the first line should read. Also, STFU Seinfeld and cram your global real estate portfolio up your rectum where it belongs.

  6. Warren Wilhelm is going to be voted out of office next year and NYC will begin to recover, hopefully.

  7. If AOC gets her way and increases taxes on the "wealthy" there, she will drive them away. As said below, the rich can and will move if it becomes too stifling. California is experiencing this and MANY more will leave for neighboring states like Nevada and Arizona once they increase the state income tax. Eventually all that will be left are the super rich (who obviously have more money than sense) and the poor to tax. Stop cutting your noses off to spite your faces by listening to the lies the leftist politicians regurgitate. Haven't you been burned enough? Pick up a news paper and read it, search the past ones stored in libraries and online search engines. Learn from not only the recent past but historical past. NYC can come back, but it's going to take some seriously real incentives to do so. Not going to fill in the deficit short comings by raising taxes. Lowering taxes brings prosperity. Trump understands this. Don't like Trump, that's fine. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man. Black too, for those who are racially biased against white people (as seems there is an increasing number of them today). And he explains it quite well too. Taxation on the whole is a form of governmental theft. But a necessary one, because the individuals who live in the cities are less likely to pay to have infrastructure maintained.

    It's sad, but sometimes the great must come down, for he seeks to topple those who have the furthest to fall.

  8. Seinfeld was never funny to me…I've probably watched 15 min of all his work.. so in reality not much of a celeb to me personally

  9. I was born in the Bronx , riots in the 60's then Rudy SAVED NYC , Now Thankfully we moved out……Its as bad as DETRIOT! Thanks Fredo's brother, thanks Mayor jello.,
    God Bless Florida and Texas

  10. Biden's running mate: Hey Stoner Harris. I heard you say, "I support the rioters in Kentucky." YOU are a Major loser!!!!
    Civil rights? You support looter, rioters, arsonists, BLM and ANIFA! @​ if you value your FREEDOM … VOTE TRUMP 2020 in person.
    VOTE the Communist/Socialist Radical Democrats!ts OUT!!!

  11. No one cares, the liberals voted idiot democrat leaders in they got what they voted for. America remember this is what democrats want for us vote red get healed

  12. The City will continue to exist and won't sink quite as much as Detroit. It does look like a much bigger crisis than the 1974 bankruptcy of NYC.


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