New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing.

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Watch live: New York Governor Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing


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31 responses to New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

  1. the tests are not even looking for the so called virus!! Learn how the tests actually work America
    Should you take the COVID19 Test?

  2. From a constitutional lawyer:


    Current Federal and State law:

    You do NOT have to stay home.

    You do NOT have to close your business.

    You are NOT restricted in your travels.

    You are NOT banned from religious assembly.

    These are NOT laws, as a law must be passed by your state legislature. And, of course, this has not happened in any of our 50 states.

    These following orders are UNLAWFUL “orders”:

    Stay at home,

    Close your business,

    Don’t go to church,

    Practice social distancing,

    Wear a mask,

    No interstate travel etc etc.

    These are NOT laws that can carry any kind of criminal penalty for violation. They are at best ONLY guidelines for "suggestion". These "orders" carry NO legitimate force of law with which to back them up.

    NO governor nor mayor may craft a law and assign a punishment for its non-compliance. They can't. And, even if one of these tyrants tries to do so, such orders or actions would then be profoundly unconstitutional and a solid basis for compensation to "anyone affected" by them.

    The Free Exercise Clause of the First 1st Amendment firmly establishes freedom of religion as a fundamental liberty, and the Due Process Clause of the Fifth 5th Amendment firmly establishes your right to purchase a lawful product in interstate commerce from a willing seller as "fundamental".

    Fundamental liberties are in the highest category of liberty, akin to freedom of conscience and speech and press and privacy and travel.

    Right to Congregate/Assemble Per the First 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Right to Travel:


    Per our 14TH Amendment to the United States Constitution (abridged):

    "The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon in the ordinary course of life and business is a common right which he has under his right to enjoy life and liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It includes the right in so doing to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of the day."

    Stopping a tyrannical overthrow of the United States AND the WORLD, the stripping of our Liberties & Freedoms BEGINS with YOU. Do your part and STAND UP for yourSELF before you no longer have a self to stand up for!!!

    These are the facts. Stop letting tyrants lie to you. Call them what they really are = Tyrants. 🇺🇸✊🏼🗣

    Feel free to copy and share!

  3. Slowmo Cuomo, how many Senior Citizens have you killed?,Baxter out!!!!🖕💩👎👊👏🤖👾👎👻☠💀💩👹👿😈

  4. Please check out my Cover of Alibi by "Bradley Cooper" from A Star Is Born. Hope you Enjoy.

  5. The Italian saying Cuomo used for the reporter who lost his mom is so true. Lost my mom to cancer over a year ago. I miss her tremendously. But I know she's still with me every day in my heart. My condolences to that reporter Mark and his family.

  6. Judge declares Oregon Gov. Brown's coronavirus restrictions 'null and void'

  7. The virus isn't causing mental problems. New Yorkers already had mental problems . If it wasn't for the mentally challenged Cuomo wouldn't be governor and new york wouldn't be blue

  8. Governor Cuomo and his brother are just a bad leader or CNN anchor. 1 Brother doesnt follow his own advice and GOES OUT when he says he is self quarantine because he was Positive with the covid-19, and the other brother (Governor) that causes deaths for old people in nursing homes why because they are poor and need help (If it was his mother or father they be put in a clean room to keep them safe ) and sends them back to the the nursing home to infect others with covid-19. Now he comes out and blames mother nature and the old people basically are going to die, but it has nothing to do with him forcing nursing homes to take them back. So all your family that died to his forcing of nursing homes to retake people go outside and yell at mother nature not him.(yea right own what you did)

  9. How about that, Cuomo's order to send infected coronavirus patients back to nursing homes killed thousands of senior citizens. That makes Cuomo a mass murderer,

  10. My God – Democrats talk to Biden – whom I’d vote for if he’s the candidate – and ask him to step aside. THIS man is already doing the primary elements of the President’s job. He says he doesn’t want to be President but Cuomo is a man whose time has come. He’s not Mandela or Ghandi – but he is what America needs – right now.

  11. And yes, I'm lm not only American but I'm from Cherokee royal blood! Come see if I'm not locked and loaded against pep like you!! Your welcome to try.

  12. New York City is not the place to be right now the UN is about to take over in the near future study the movie Escape from New York

  13. I only watch Cuomo's briefings&the ClearValue Tax guy daily to get my coronavirus news! You can just tell they care and are telling the truth to try&ease people's minds ❤

  14. I don’t know what’s with all the negative comments about this man. I’m in Georgia right now I wish this man was my governor…Georgia governor left us to die I mean reopened a state without a vaccine how stupid is that! Everyone wants to go out go back to work and make money but what is money if you don’t have a life to spend it? SMFH

  15. Close


    Sister of Ahmaud Arbery killer posted picture of dead jogger's body to Snapchat




    Andrew Cuomo’s latest nursing home order looks like pure cover-your-butt

    By Post Editorial Board

    May 15, 2020 | 8:19pm

    Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Niskayuna, NY, to return ventilators donated to NYC hospitals.Mike Groll/Office of Governor An

    ᐧGov. Andrew Cuomo’s order that nursing homes test their staff twice a week is starting to look like pure butt-covering for his team’s disastrous earlier miscues.

    For starters, it seems the state Department of Health didn’t even consider if that level of testing is possible right now.

    Less than a week after the mandate came down, The Post reports, New York’s top COVID testing lab, the Wadsworth Center, finds itself so overwhelmed it’s experiencing delays of “several weeks” — and told counties to stop sending test shipments from nursing homes.


    “We’re honestly really at a loss,” Jennifer Rodriguez, the public-health director for Livingston County, told The Post. “This is nothing short of inexcusable,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro.

    Department of Health spokesman Gary Holmes told The Post that the state has “identified commercial labs which have capacity to run tens of thousands of tests a day to support this important directive.”

    But at a cost — at least $100 a test. With 160,000 nursing-home and 45,000 assisted-living staffers statewide, twice-weekly tests mean 410,000 kits a week. Wadsworth has been processing just over 6,000 tests a week. Sending all kits to private labs would cost a minimum of $41 million a week.


    Gov. Cuomo's nursing home mass testing edict leaves labs unable to comply

    That’s if they get the swabs, that is. DOH says it’s sent “more than 440,000 test kits to counties, test sites and health care facilities” — but that’s barely enough for a week’s mandated tests for nursing homes alone.

    Empire State nursing homes have racked up 2,787 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and another 2,646 presumed. Yet Cuomo claims he and his team “did everything we could” to protect those most vulnerable to the virus — ignoring the March 25 edict forcing homes to admit virus-positive patients.

    MORE ON:


    Andrew Cuomo is the new face of Bills Mafia

    Andrew Cuomo wants to bring sports back in New York

    Gov. Cuomo says Western New York is latest region cleared to reopen

    Gov. Cuomo’s live coronavirus test comes back negative

    The gov charges that calls for an independent probe into his team’s handling of the crisis in nursing homes are “gratuitous politics.” Sadly, that label is actually suited to his damage-control efforts.


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