New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on vaccine plans l GMA

The governor explains how a possible vaccine would be distributed, who would get priority and guidance from the White House as well as his own confidence around a vaccine.

NY shuts down 10,000 person wedding as Cuomo reveals new COVID-19 plan:

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35 responses to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on vaccine plans l GMA

  1. Let me explain something to you, Cuomo, you don't represent the American people, you represent the people of New York, and you wanna know what's happening, they're LEAVING because you and DiBlasio are fucking incompetent and don't practice what you fucking preach. "We MuSt AdMiT oUr MisTaKeS" the fuck happened in the nursing homes, huh? The fuck happen that over 300,000 people have filed for an address change OUT of NYC alone?

  2. Cuomo killed over 100,000 allegedly by not using the Mercy Naval Hospital Ship … or the Javits Hospital setup to isolate test/treat any cases ZERO NOTHING NADA ….. Then he ordered Elderly Nursing homes to intake infected patients resulting in 60,000 deaths …. Now he is blaspheming the vaccine which will result in his intended or unintended deaths of scores GOOD WORK GOOMBAH ….. you disgust me

  3. The only people who need or should have the shot are those who's immune system is compromised as has always been the case. Cuomo is playing politics trying to make you believe that everybody has to have it and he knows it. You are the ones who promoted fauci you make me sick!!! What stupidity comes from his mouth.

  4. HI made to His own Rule that if you didn't take in people to the nursing homes then you would lose your business license. ONly on Jewish owner risked losing his licences and did not follow his Man Made rule. Nobody died in that nursing home and he did not lose his licencse ( I guess because he did not knowingly kill people)

  5. He said that he will start vaccinations with black people because they are "more impacted"! First of all black people are not the most impacted secondly why such fairness and compassion toward black people when he has never cared before? I hope no black person takes that mess! Cuomo can vaccinate his ugly self if he wants to.

  6. What is this odd thing about minorities not getting access to the CVS, Walgreens, and other major outlets? What areas don't have easy access to these types of outlets. Maybe he should not have let the rioters and looters destroy them? And I heard he don't trust the FDA and the CDC now? WTF. And this wild comment about to bad having the vaccine come out during the Trump Administration? Does he want to wait for Biden?

  7. He’s such a lier Yes they have putt out a disruption plan. Go ahead and get your own drs. Are they going to send it back through the FDA just for you ??

  8. hey you brown and black people the great all knowing cuomo is going to educate you so you can take the vaccine, he say exactly that !!!! the great B wanna will lead you out of the darkness !!

  9. Cuomo is a moron. Now that Trump is saying he won’t give the vaccine to New York because Cuomo won’t approve it for use in New York, Cuomo is doing a reversal. Remove this guy from office. He is a cancer.

  10. OH, YOU will say it's safe Cuoma. I see. The FDA are not the experts but YOU are? And at the end GMA George says "and we're gonna need a change in the White House?" You think we are so stupid that we don't see you plan?

  11. The egomaniac Cuomo he's going to decide if people in New York can have the vaccine he made such good decisions with the seniors and the senior homes sending sick people back so they can all die he said he needed more ventilators and then they found hundreds in a warehouse he said he needed more beds so President Trump sent that medical ship they didn't use it this guy is a faker and a fraud just like his brother Fredo

  12. Im not taking that vaccine. It is the mark of the beast. It is poison. This is an attack on religious beliefs. They want to reset the world's currency and the world's population. These people are devil's. I was never a bible fan until I read the book of revelations very very recently. I always believed in a higher power.

  13. I think waiting for transparent testing is important, but not in New York. I can understand why he'd do it, but he should have requested or had legislation for transparent American clinical trails when Trump had gotten the vaccine. I don't think he'll be able to do what he says because the other thousands in different states will do it for him, and the pressure will be on him.

    However, this speculation that Trump is releasing the vaccine for politics needs to stop. He already lost the election, there's no political gain from doing this. He'd be losing money, and Biden's distribution plan for the vaccine won't vary much from Trump's. Only rebuilding the economy will be honestly different.

  14. It’s very simple, Governor. If you intend to test and review the vaccine because you don’t trust the Trump administration, there’s no question that you should forgo most of New York’s allocation since you don’t plan on using it right away. There are other states that would be happy to have it. Why force people in other states to die just because you decide New York is going to sit on its allocation instead of using it?


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