New York City Live Walking Tour From Bryant Park to Hudson Yards Vessel (October 18, 2020)

New York City Live Walking Tour From Bryant Park to Hudson Yards Vessel (October 18, 2020)

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20 responses to New York City Live Walking Tour From Bryant Park to Hudson Yards Vessel (October 18, 2020)

  1. O vídeo …..super nítido
    Tudo perfeito … só acho q vc está andando um pouco depressa…. já segunda vez q percebo …do restante tudo perfeito. Parabéns meu jovem sucesso pra vc ….. torcendo por vc …..

  2. Bryant Park was so pretty & relaxing. Thank you for showing us so many places on this walk. It was lovely, as always. Those skyscrapers are just breathtaking.

  3. When ur walking, angle ur camera to the right a little so that ppl can see stores too. U get a lot in, but when walking straight get some sides in as u r passing anyway. Don’t just show sidewalk.

  4. Always go slower when u pass names of 2 Bros. Pizza and other great places. It makes ur video so much more fun. That 2 Bros. Sign had great color and design and u overlooked that design aspect to ur video. Ppl enjoy seeing things like that slower.
    Haaaa!! Avenue of crazy!!! 🤣🤣. Funny!!

  5. U need to show green street signs above ur head as u pass them, otherwise ppl don’t really get a feel where u r at. U mute for way too long. Copyrights don’t apply to musician street music.

  6. U r missing streets names when u pass each street. Just angle ur camera up a little to show each street name or number. It’s important. Just saying the street is not enough cause accents enunciation is hard to understand for other foreigners. Ur wide angle is great! Others don’t show as much. Always leave the street sounds and music. That gives ur video a feel of the character on the streets. Muting ruins it. U don’t have to mute street drums or music since it’s not original.

  7. Funny to be given a tour of New York City from a non-Native. At least his accent is clear enough to understand. Everyone’s jumping on the band wagon of NYC tours now. I like his clear informative info. Just show street signs when u pass so tourists can know where to go.


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