My Portfolio Update | Top Penny Stocks to Buy Now 2021 | High Growth Stock Account | April 2021

My Portfolio Update | Top Penny Stocks to Buy Now 2021 | High Growth Stock Account | April 2021

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My High Growth Stock Portfolio Update for April 2021 includes the sale of Walgreens along with the purchase of Tattooed Chef and Penny Stocks: Good Natured Products and Very Good Food. Each month I will be documenting the trades I make in my high growth Questrade portfolio so viewers can follow along and see my portfolio balance in real time. My portfolio value is currently sitting at $22,818 and the goal is to grow this small stock account from $10,000 to $1 Million.

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10 responses to My Portfolio Update | Top Penny Stocks to Buy Now 2021 | High Growth Stock Account | April 2021

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  3. Good looking portfolio, what do you think about Naturally Splendid Enterprises (NSP) vs Very Good Food? They both seem to be producing plant-based meat. NSP only has market cap of 13.11 million so they are probably not that well established yet.


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