Microsoft Power Platform Online Conference 2020

Welcome to the Microsoft Power Platform Online Conference 2020!

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Enjoy the show, friends!



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40 responses to Microsoft Power Platform Online Conference 2020

  1. Don't shake hands !! get the new culture in and stop shaking hands full of germs 🙂 Otherwise Great Job guys 🙂 love it powerapps !!

  2. i have a quesition regarding retrieving record from azure table storage. is this right form to ask while conference is going on..

  3. I may a bit behind the times, but may I ask what is all this wizardry about? Which god or daemon can I thank/curse for this?

  4. Good morning! My boss is pressuring me to convert all of our MS Forms to PowerApps, I don't agree. Does anyone know the pro's and con's of doing this? Thanks!

  5. This is going to be amazing! SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNERS! Timestamps:
    2:20 Build your first app with Power Apps and Automate – Shane Young
    30:44 Case Study: How I used SharePoint, Flow, PowerApps, and Forms to build a Speaker Database – Sarah Patrick
    59:46 Building your first Robotic Process Automation using UI Flow – Kent Weare
    1:29:58 Basic Permissions in the Common Data Service – Marc Gerner
    1:59:55 Build even faster with PowerApps Templates – Sancho Harker
    2:29:58 Troubleshooting & Best Practices with Power Automate – Mar Llabmbi
    2:59:58 3 Power Apps Techniques for better apps – Odd Modlin
    3:29:58 Speaking SharePoint's Language: HTTP to SharePoint in Power Automate – Ashley Rogers

    3:59:58 Less Code More Power, How it's done! – Yash Agarwal
    4:29:49 Intro to Power Apps Portals – Nick Doelman
    4:59:46 End to End Automation with the Power Platform – Hamish Sheild

    5:29:57 Rapid Time to Market with Power Apps Bryant Boyer

    5:59:50 What the French Toast is Power BI Doing to my Database – Adam Saxton
    and Patrick LeBlanc
    6:29:51 Keeping Track of all those Approvals! – Laura Rogers

    6:59:49 Deliver an Enhanced User Experience by Combining Azure, Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform – Frederik Bisback
    and Clifton Lenne
    7:29:51 Power BI Governance & Best Practices – Sara Barbosa
    and Raphael Santos
    7:59:50 CoE: Next level governance of the Power Platform – Paul Culmsee
    8:29:53 ALM for Low Code Solutions (PowerApps/Power Automate) – Sultan Al Sharfi

    Easter eggs:
    Lunch with Brian Dang: 3:29:00
    Outside with Dona Sarkar: 3:59:40
    Closing with Brian Dang, Dona Sarkar, Charles Lamanna, and Jon Levesque: 8:57:40


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