Marketing Minute 012: “To improve, seek criticism!” (Professional Branding) #MarketingMinute

Just like a product’s brand image often is dependent on the performance of that product, your professional brand depends on your performance and the outcomes of your work. So to improve your brand, you need to spend time improving your performance.

One way to improve in anything that we do is to take sincere criticism to heart, evaluate that criticism, and act upon it by implementing appropriate changes in our behaviors.

Unfortunately, a lot of people avoid criticism as much as they can.

In a YouTube video by Evan Carmichael, I watched a clip of author J.K. Rowling talking about receiving criticism. She said, “If you expect to just stand under a shower of perpetual praise, there’s something wrong with you.” She goes on to say that not only will our work be criticized, but that it’s “right and proper” that we get that criticism.

We can learn a lot from J.K. Rowling’s approach, and we can take it further by seeking criticism from reputable sources.

In the end, we should accept, expect, desire, and even seek criticism so that we can learn from it and improve our performance.

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Link to the Evan Carmichael video:

P.S. And yes, she pronounces it “rolling” (


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