Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is an older version of this marketing campaigns webinar. Click the link for the updated version (2017):

Discover the key elements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Campaigns. Learn the in’s and out’s, advantages and disadvantages, and how campaigns can help your marketing be more effective.


Based in Chicago Illinois, QuantaCRM believes that CRM done right can transform your business – make you more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help you outmaneuver the competition, get out in front of the pack (and stay there), and deliver consistent, high quality experiences to your prospects and customers, each and every time.

It is our passion to help you maximize your return on your CRM investment and reach these goals.

QuantaCRM helps companies who:
– Are just beginning to evaluate CRM solutions
– Own Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online but need assistance
– Are looking to move forward with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and are looking for a proven and dependable partner
– Are Microsoft Partners looking to help their customers with CRM

Your success is our focus.

[Email] [email protected]
[Twitter] @QuantaCRM
[Phone] 1.844.244.6310


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