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Manage your linkedin to build your brand and generate leads Special discount
Best cheap Digital Marketing Service

Contact me prior to order to discuss your particular needs. Are you using LinkedIn effectively to benefit your business?
How I can help:I’ll provide comprehensive LinkedIn Branding & Account Management services to help build your brand awareness and generate leads.
What’s included?: 30 Days of marketing and account management. I’ll develop, implement and manage a monthly strategy that may include:
Profile:Personal & Company Page Profile OptimizationTargeted Connection BuildingContent Creation & PostingNew Connection Lead GenerationInMail Targeted OffersEmail Campaigns to Targeted Connections
Ad Channels:Lead GenerationAccount TargetingEmail Account TargetingWebsite Retargeting
I’ve successfully completed 250+ LinkedIn profile revamps for independent professions, business owners, and C-Level executives, that helped generate $2.3M in new business.
Who I work with:I’ve worked with all types of companies and I understand how difficult it can be to find a trusted partner that gets your business.
As a LinkedIn consultant, I can say that the platform isn’t a good fit for every type of business, so if you questions, just ask.
What type of businesses do you work with?,I’ve worked with startups to established, successful corporations in a wide-range of industries. First we’ll take a look at your goals, your offer, and target market to determine if LinkedIn marketing is a good fit.,Do you work with individuals such as consultants and other independent business professionals?,Yes,What’s included? How many posts, connections? Ad variants?,I’ll include the number that makes sense for your business and your goals in using LinkedIn. I focus on taking action to get results, not just do x number of posts or ad variant and just hoping for the best.nnOnce I review your business and LinkedIn account, then we can detail the plan.,How long do you run and manage my LinkedIn marketing campaigns?,For 1 month, then depending where we’re at after that we’ll see what’s working well and we can figure out what makes sense monthly going from there.,If we decide to run ads, what do you suggest for a budget?,Budget $300 – $500 per month in ad spend.,Do you provide reports?,Yes, I’ll send you a weekly update with activities, campaign status, social interaction, and ad campaign performance and conversion statistics.,What type of support do you provide?,I’m available each business day as needed.


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