Level up your game marketing | Unite Now 2020

Looking to level up your game ops and business skills? The Indie XP series will cover best practices on how to successfully scale and operate your games. This season we focus on the mobile free-to-play (F2P) space and how to increase retention, build game economies, manage live service campaigns, and understand growth metrics.

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4 responses to Level up your game marketing | Unite Now 2020

  1. Marketing guy tells you: there are no organic installs
    If I wanna play a game, I read reviews, or believe it or not, go to steam and scroll through the games.
    We don't have to throw money to Facebook or Google ads. Players who actually want to play, will find a game that's appealing to them.
    Yes, your game needs to be exceptional, otherwise you won't have enough players to live from it. But let's face the truth, the market is saturated, only a limited amount of people can live from game development.
    I know I'm idealistic, but I want players who actually want to play my game(and are hopefully able to scroll the appstore) instead of mindless zombies who click Facebook ads.


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