Leronlimab, RANTES, COVID 19 Coronavirus Discussion with Dr. Bruce Patterson of IncellDX (LIVE Q&A)

Roundtable video conference regarding Leronlimab and RANTES with Dr. Bruce Patterson of IncellDX.

Leronlimab is a humanized monoclonal IgG antibody that blocks CCR5. CCR5 receptor and RANTES complex then transduces a signal by increasing the intracellular calcium ion level and activating the enzyme GTPases.
Leronlimab was originally developed for HIV and worked by blocking the CCR5 receptor and stopping the calcium signaling.
By blocking the CCR5 receptor on leukocytes, the idea with Leronlimab is that you are blocking the transmission of the chemokine signal from RANTES, thus preventing the migration of more immune cells to attenuate a cytokine storm.
It is also believed that Leronlimab’s other effect is the polarization of macrophages from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory phenotypes.

This roundtable discussion with Drs. Patterson, Hansen, and Yogendra go over recent updates regarding Leronlimab, RANTES, new clinical trials and data, and why Leronlimab might be the game changer to treat severe COVID-19 infections.

Coronavirus Live Question Answer (Session – 6) – Dr. Mike Hansen (Pulmonologist) & Dr. Yo (Anesthesiologist)

Today’s Guest Speaker is:
Dr. Bruce Patterson
CEO of IncellDx in San Carlos and also a Top Virologist.

Dr. Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine
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Dr. Yo (Ram Yogendra)
Board-certified Anesthesiologist (American Board of Anesthesiology)
Specializing in physiology and Biometrics in sports and fitness
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36 responses to Leronlimab, RANTES, COVID 19 Coronavirus Discussion with Dr. Bruce Patterson of IncellDX (LIVE Q&A)

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  2. Im a long hauler i have been sick for over 10 months i have chronic inflammation that never goes away its severe in my head I have severe chest pains I was never sick before now i cannot work nobodt will help me i am so depressed

  3. I would like to see a follow up showing study results! It really seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Thank you so much for this exciting, interesting and understandable interview. Thank you Dr. Patterson for spending the time.

  5. It’s sad because many doctors believe in the science of leronlimab but unfortunately the data released last week has put a big damper on this drug due to serious adverse effects. This is not fair since they were deemed to be unrelated to the drug but In today’s hyper sensitive and media driven alarmist environment It might be over for this drug due to the report of serious adverse effects.

  6. Hi ! Thank you so much for all your videos , I love the way you express and teach
    I am very passionate about wellness and I enjoy your classes .
    Can you please talk about patients with Afib history ( with or not treated with ablation ) and cov19
    Prevention etc



  8. What I find interesting is the similarities in symptoms of Covid 19 and Radiation pneumonitis/ radiation fibrosis and radiation induced hypoxia. Obviously I am not a medical professional, what are your thoughts on this?

  9. What are the differences between Leronlimab and people with CCR5 deficiency? Are there any assumptions held because of the previous testing on CCR5 deficient individuals? Are there any studies on CCR5 deficient individuals and how they are handling COVID?

  10. Interesting but antenna went up at praise for Fauci- really? Hope this drugs saves lives but hate the politics and whatever agenda is being pursued.

  11. With 481 total deaths in South Africa and of that only 3 in Limpopo province (132 Positive cases ) our Country is under " DISASTER " Lockdown and Draconian Laws and Enforcement is especially on WHITE CITIZENS young and elderly people molested, mistreated and arrested and thrown into Jails where only God knows who is Infected or not.
    Is there any Country that will do anything about this BARBARIC treatment ?

    I did not think so.

  12. I was wondering why a doctor needs compassionate use permission to prescribe something like Leronlimab. Can’t they just use it “off label” since it’s already FDA approved for something else? Seems that would save valuable time taken up by applying for FDA approval for EIND. And after all that work, EIND is only approved for terminally ill patients…which seems a tad later than is optimal to be giving it. Why not just off label, if anyone knows?

  13. What major hospitals in the country have experience with/will give Leronlimab? I don’t want to hear the word “No” by a hospital board if I tell them to give it to myself or a loved one. Thank you for the excellent info.

  14. Dr Patterson is not giving ans to these technical questions posed by Dr Mike. I'm not satisfied with his arguments

  15. Thank you Doctors for your time and effort! Dr. Yo, I love your passion! How available will Leronlimab be in comparison to say Remdesivir where the news was stating Remdesivir would be available by a lottery for patients?

  16. Words cannot express how grateful we are for our medical professionals! The hours you are spending working all day in the hospitals but then at night you are reading and researching to help us all. You look tired but eager at the same time. Eager to find a medication to provide the patients. This video is so full of valuable information. Is this medicine being given at this time? I always wonder if all doctors have the same information? We are a thankful nation for all your care!!!

  17. Thank you so much for these videos. I am working on my dissertation… qualitative regarding a specified social health phenomenon. I don’t understand it all… but it seems C-19 creates fatal discord in “familial” systems within. I am more hopeful listening to these videos than other available information.

  18. I'm curious as to the mechanism of action of leronlimab since it looks like it binds to the CCR5 receptor on T lymphocytes as to how this could affect COVID-19?

  19. The elephant in the room against RANTES is Pfizer's Maraviroc. Bruce Patterson can trash talk Remdesivir all he want, but not a peep about Maraviroc!

  20. Ivermectin (along with an antibiotic) is being given to patients in Bangladesh and doctors there are saying it seems to be working. Turning +ve cases to -ve in just 4 days. Can u please look into it.

  21. Please make a video about the claims made about severe COVID-19 connected with low Vitamin D levels. I am skeptical about them, but it would be easy to remedy.

  22. Doctor Hansen, how many Covid patients were taking ACE inhibitors? One of my friends, a CRNA, suggested that taking ACE inhibitors contributes to being susceptible to COVID 19 ?

  23. Thank you Dr. Mike and Dr. Yo for all you do in helping us not only to better understand how the body and the organs react to Covid 19. Also I see your excitement with Leronlimab and it brings myself and many others some hope that the "killer" aspect of this disease might be short lived. Anxiously awaiting the trial results.

  24. Thank you Dr. Mike, as well as the other doctors! Great information! Thank you so much for all you do! Keep up the good work!


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