KEN'S KUSH X NINJA FRUIT By Black Diamond Genetics, From now till harvest

I am a grower of Marijuana. A plant created for all of us by The Great Architect Of The Universe:. A plant I use as my Family’s Medicine and for Religious Ceremony’s. Mature content 21 and over, ONLY


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36 responses to KEN'S KUSH X NINJA FRUIT By Black Diamond Genetics, From now till harvest

  1. If you are looking for Great Genetics? Here you go, check Him out.

  2. As always a interesting breakdown of what you are doing my friend. Much Respect for you and love be with you and those your love. As alwayz, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz from GodzWeedz !! 🔥 🌲 😎

  3. Yeahhhhhhhh alriiiiiiiiiiiiight nice very nice plants looking amazing great job my friend cheers and growers luv I love when u say alright people lolol have a bless day my friend

  4. Very niice , doing yor thing . I remember your earlier vids u seemed shy. And you didn’t speak to good Spanglish now listen to you LOL. Look at u Now yor an educator and a student 👏🙏🏻. Many blessings to u and yor family. . 🌱♻️✌️💕

  5. OMG YOUR GIRLS HAVE GROWN UP SO MUCH!!! Water leaves?? I'm SOOOO new to this… I need your guidance oh wise one!

  6. What's up silver it's been a long time man I see you doing good it's crazy we started this journey out together and you surpass me you was giving me props on my videos I went away for a little while I come back now you're the man everything looks great brother keep up the good work I need beans to start a new Journey help me out if you can

  7. You are awesome👍🏼 Always a treat coming to support😉 Very good job my friend Cheers✌🏼👊🏻💨💨👍🏼😘😘🥂


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